Best Baby Diaper Rash Creams in India

Nappy rash is one of the most common problems in babies. The cotton and disposable nappies cause red and inflamed rashes which cause lot of irritation on the soft and delicate baby skin. Babies between the age group of nine to twelve months are more susceptible to these conditions which affect their genitals. Baby diaper rash creams are very helpful in taking care of these irritations which cause discomfort to the toddlers. The help by taking caring of dry or moist condition of the skin by keeping it well moisturized and pampered.

This article talks about some of the most effective and soothing baby diaper rash creams in India which take good care of the sensitive baby skin thereby helping them come out of the discomfort by maintaining the right pH levels. Mothers can choose any of these trusted and soothing creams for the delicate skin of their babies.

Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Sebamed is a German company which has been into manufacturing medical skin care products since 1957. It is another promising and clinically proven rash cream which protects and provides relief from diaper rashes. It contains panthenol which speeds up the healing process. The chamomile extract in the cream helps in moisturizing the soft baby skin with natural ingredients and helps in maintaining the pH value of 5.5. For complete protection from diaper dermatitis, it is one of the best products which can be used on a daily basis in the genito-anal area every time when you change the diaper. This will ensure complete protection your baby from all skin irritations.

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya is a trusted brand in cosmetics. The diaper rash cream by the company is a mild combination of natural ingredients consisting of chaste tree extract, aloe vera and almond oil. All these ingredients are effective in treating inflammations, rashes and irritations which care caused due to prolonged wearing of diapers and rubbing of diapers on the baby skin. The easy to spread mild cream forms the protective layer on the baby skin and leaves a wonderful fragrance on the sensitive skin of your toddler.

Baby Magic Diaper Rash Ointment

Baby Magic is a best brand for years. It heals and protects the chafed baby skin from rashes. It is a dermatologically tested hypoallergenic cream which keeps the soft baby skin free from wetness thereby providing complete care from rashes. It comes is the form of effective petroleum jelly which not only heals the baby skin but also keeps its fresh and scented.

Pigeon Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Since 1957, this brand has been keeping babies healthy and playful with its baby amazing range of products. Formulated with rich and soothing oils along with rich emollients, it forms a protective layer between the delicate baby skin and the moisture of the diaper thereby promising complete protection from discomfort from rashes. Apply it since birth to avoid any discomfort rash episodes.

Farlin Nappy Cream

Farlin has established a strong relationship with parents with its trusted baby care products. Prepared from the natural rice extracts, this nappy cream is a promising combination for baby rashes. It keeps the baby skin healthy and protected from nappy rashes. There are no artificial ingredients in this cream which make it a perfect natural rash treatment. It is a clinically tested product with no side effects on the soft and tender baby skin.

Galenco Baby Diaper Rash Cream

It is a Belgian company which has been providing the most effective range of health care and personal products. This nappy cream is a wonderful solution for all kinds of skin troubles faced by babies due to rubbing of diapers or urine or moist nappies. The combination comes with ingredients like Vitamin B5 and E which promise a healthy and well nourished baby skin. The presence of glycerin in the cream ensures a perfect pH balance in the skin.

Mee Mee Nappy Rash Cream

This is an Indian brand for baby and mother care which provides high-quality products. This nappy rash cream is a clinically tested cream which is ideal for soft infant skin. It protects and smoothes the delicate skin of your baby from rashes by giving instant relief. Mothers can use this wonderful combination since the birth of the child to ensure complete protection from rough rashes.

Use any of these best baby rash creams for your baby’s soft skin and help him grow in a more nourished and happy environment.

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