Best Baby Milk Powders in India

Baby Milk Powder in India

Though “breastfeeding is best” but sometimes due to various reasons, new mother does not opt to breastfeed her newborn baby due to medical condition or personal choice. When the decision comes from switching from breast to bottle, parents have to battle the numerous options to bottle feed their infants.

Markets are loaded with various baby milk powder brands which offer a wonderful range of milk powders for the newborn babies. Each product has a certain type of formula and parents need to pick the best formula which works as the best substitute for their newborn based on his subjective needs. This article brings forth the most popular baby milk powders in India which work as a great supplement to breast milk for the newborn babies.

Nestle Lactogen 2

Nestle is one of the most popular and trusted brands of baby milk powders in India. Nestle Lactogen 2 is a complete package of nutrition for the infants. Loaded with goodness of PRWBIO 1GOS FOS fibers, this is a wonderful instant formula which helps in dealing with digestive problems. It improves stool frequency thereby solving problem of constipation. This organic formula contains proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals along with DHA which are ideal for growth and development of the young one.

Similac Instant Formula Stage I

It is yet another special instant formula for infants which contains a healthy blend of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins which are very helpful in the process of brain development and eye development. It is a special combination of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which makes it an ideal diet for DNA synthesis along with brain cell growth. It is also very helpful in building the immune system of the infant and helping his bones to grow.

SMA First Infant Milk

SMA First Infant Milk is a specially designed formula which caters complete nutritional needs of your baby. It is highly recommended instant formula for the infants which they are not being breastfeed. This combination also works well along with breastfeeding. The combination of omega 3 and 6 LCPs are supportive in growth and development of the baby by helping him attain the right weight by providing all necessary proteins via this supplement. It is easy to digest and very nutritious for the infants.

Aptamil First Milk from Birth

Aptamil thoroughly understands the nutritional needs of the infants and toddlers. This brand has been in the industry for over 50 years which helps them design the best baby milk powders for the young ones. This combination contains 2 LCPs, prebiotics, antioxidants and nucleotides which makes Aptamil First Milk almost as good as the breast milk. This is a wonderful formula which makes it an ideal milk powder for babies when their mothers are out or are unable to feed them due to medical condition.

Wockhardt FAREX1 Infant Formula

FAREX 1 Infant Formula is an infant milk substitute. It is an ideal combination of vitamins and minerals which are helpful in the growth and development of the infants in the early stage of their life. It is a good formula to use in combination with the mother’s feed in order to provide the baby with all necessary nutrients thereby helping him grow on a healthy and wholesome diet.

Nutrilon 1 Standard Baby Milk Powder

This is an amazing baby milk powder which ranks amongst the most popular milk powders. It is highly appreciated by its customers for being a wholesome healthy diet to the young babies. It is a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and proteins which are needed by the young ones to grow. This high quality product promises a healthy and happy infant growing into a healthier and fitter baby.

These are some of the most widely used milk powders in India. They are although not at par with the nutrition which a baby gets from his mother’s feed but they are the best substitutes which help the infants grow. So now the parents can pick the best instant formula for their babies by studying these different products and fetching the one which meets the requirements of their babies. Also the working mothers or the mothers with medical conditions don’t need to worry about the wholesome diet of their newborn babies as these products promise a healthy diet.

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