Best Baby Talcum Powder in India

With the advent of summers, the demand for baby talcum powder instantly shoots in Indian markets. The skin of an infant is delicate and soft. It needs special care and protection from harsh environmental and seasonal changes. Baby talcum powders are a good way to keep the baby’s skin free from rashes and dry during the summer season. It absorbs excessive moisture on the skin and ensures a healthy skin for your little baby.

Indian markets have plethora of baby talcum powder brands but it is important to select the best brand in talcum powders to ensure complete safety and care for the infant skin. Well, here are some of the most effective and best powders in India which are safe for the sensitive skin of your baby.

Himalaya Baby Powder

Himalaya is a renowned brand which promises natural and herbal products. The Himalayan Baby Powder promises soft and pampered skin for your baby. It protects his skin from itches and rashes thereby helping him enjoy his childhood without any discomfort. It is a must application after bath, after nappy change and before bedtime to ensure complete protection for your baby.

Important Features:

  • Relieves itching
  • Contains antiseptic properties which promise faster healing
  • Relives body odor
  • Specially formulated talcum powder for babies
  • Protects skin from infections and rashes\

Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder

This is another trusted brand in baby talcum powders which keeps the baby skin fresh and perfumed all day long. It is a hypoallergenic powder which has been formulated with paraben-free formula which ensures dry skin thereby leaving no room for rashes or irritation. The ingredients of the formulation have been specifically picked for the delicate skin of the infant. This clinically proven, free from chemicals baby powder is an ideal and safe selection for your baby.

Important Features:

  • Gentle on the infant skin
  • Paraben-free
  • Comes with high absorbent properties
  • Keeps the skin dry and perfumed

Pigeon Baby Powder

It is a wonderful pick to keep your baby’s skin free from heat and humidity of the intense summers. Use this amazing formulation to keep the delicate skin of your infant free from rashes and irritation. Allow you baby to enjoy summers with a clean skin. This powder consists of soft and mild ingredients which are baby-friendly. It contains jojoba and chamomile which not only promise a fresh feel but also keep his skin scented. They keep the delicate skin of your baby dry and moisturized thereby keeping it free from irritation and nourishing it with its gentle action. It promises a happy and fresh day for your baby. Use it after bath and diaper change to let the skin of your baby breathe without obstruction.

Important Features:

  • Keeps the skin fresh, soft and scented for long.
  • Nourishes the skin by moisturizing it.
  • Contains ingredients like jojoba and chamomile.
  • Keeps skin free from rashes and itches.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

This is probably the most popular brands in baby cosmetics which comes with a promise and protect the soft skin of your baby free from all kinds of discomfort. The ingredients of this hypoallergenic powder effectively absorb all the excessive moisture on the skin thereby leaving it nourished and scented. This is a hot-selling brand not just in India but all over the world. It has been protecting the soft baby skins since ages by providing a promising formula for kids of all ages. Use this wonderfully amazing and time-tested formulation to keep your baby happy and playful for longer durations.

Important Features:

  • Reduces irritation and discomfort.
  • Absorbs excessive moisture.
  • Time-tested formula.
  • Comes with a soothing scent.
  • Safe and milk for baby skin.

Libero Baby Powder

Libero is a time-tested brand in baby cosmetics which understands the needs and requirements of the tender skin of babies. This is another mild powder for babies made out of the natural starch from corn and potatoes. Libero baby powder ensures soft and smooth skin for your baby and keeps it pampered with natural ingredients. This skin-friendly powder is a good pick to keep the skin of your young baby dry and nourished.

Important Features:

  • Made from corn and potato starch.
  • Mild on the soft skin of infants.
  • Promises soft and smooth skin.

Kodomo Anti-Rash Baby Powder

This is an amazing product from Japan which has never failed to impress the mothers. The Kodomo anti-rash powder is the best product for the soft baby skin. Made out of the finest and purest ingredients, this powder comes with a soothing fragrance. The gentle action of the powder keeps your baby happy and adds more comfort to his life by leaving no room for rashes. It must be used after baby bath, diaper change and before bedtime to ensure complete protection.

Important Features:

  • Helps reduce friction by making skin smoother and softer.
  • Ranks amongst high quality brands
  • Clinically proved mild baby powder.
  • Ensures complete protection for baby skin.

Morisons Baby Dreams-Soothing Powder White

This is a special formulation which takes complete care of baby skin. Made with extra virgin oil and soothing fragrance, this powder nourishes and pampers the soft baby skin with its mild action. It also contains Zinc Stearate which acts as a sunscreen by providing protection against sun. It is an ideal pick for soft and smooth baby skin. Use this powder on daily basis to ensure complete freshness and dryness for your baby.

Important Features:

  • Designed for soft baby skin.
  • Provides protection against sun.
  • Comforting and mild powder for tender baby skin.
  • Comes with wonderful fragrance and extra virgin oil for complete nourishment.

These were all the best baby talcum powder brands in India which have been used by mothers for their little ones from ages. All these powders are mild on the sensitive skin of the infants and promise a tender touch with complete protection from moisture and friction. So let your baby play and enjoy his childhood with more comfort and freshness.

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