Best Soap for Newborn Baby in India

Parenthood is the most challenging job of anyone’s life. Suddenly, and wonderfully, life is all about a new person to love and nurture. Most difficult task is to take care and protect your baby skin. Skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of a baby and due care is required to protect it from damage. Before you give bath to your younger ones you should be knowing his/her skin types and what all products are available in the market. Various brands are available to take care of your baby’s skin. Parents must choose the one as per baby’s skin.

We are listing best 5 Newborn baby soaps available in Indian market to help you to decide best one.

Himalaya baby soap oils of olive & almond

Now-a-days, the bath soap of Himalaya is become so popular and is widely trusted by mothers in India. It is clinically tested. It contains olive oil and almond oil which helps to prevent baby skin from dryness and damage. It is free from artificial colors and perfumes and is ideal for daily use.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Green Gram– It makes baby’s skin soft and smooth. It removes dirt without harming skin.
  • Olive Oil – It is a main source of vitamin E. It nourishes, protects and softens skin and prevents from drying.
  • Almond Oil – It moisturizes your baby’s skin to make is soften. The vitamin A in the oil fights infections.
  • Milk – It nourishes, soothes and moisturizes baby’s skin.

Johnson’s baby soap

Johnson’s baby soap is one of the largest and oldest baby soap available in India. It is very mild and gentle on baby skin. The soap is enriched with natural milk extracts and moisturizer to your baby a soft and glowing skin.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Milk extracts – Helps in making baby skin soft and glowing
  • Vitamin E – Makes skin softer, protects skin cells and helps in protecting skin from damage.
  • Vitamin A- protects the skin from sun radiation and infections.

Doy care soap enriched with olive oil and vitamin E

DOY Care’s soaps are available in different shapes and sizes which excite kids to take bath.It is made with 100% natural vegetable oils and enriched with the goodness of olive oil and vitamin E, It makes kids skin soft, nourished and moisturized. It leaves the baby skin smooth and healthy.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Moisturizing Cream – Its moistures the skin and protect from drying.
  • Olive Oil – protects and softens skin
  • Vitamin E – moisturizing the skin leaving it healthy and nourished

Pigeon baby transparent soap

Pigeon Baby Soap range is suitable for daily care of your baby’s bath. Transparent Pigeon shop is very mild to baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It contains natural ingredients which help to retain required moisture in baby’s skin keeping it clean and soft. You’ll find that they are also easy to lather and rinse off.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Natural extracts of chamomile- nourishes and moisturizes skin from deep inside
  • Rosehip – is a good skin moisturizer and keeps skin supple and moist. It is a natural source of vitamin C.
  • Olive oil – It is a main source of vitamin E. It nourishes, protects and softens skin and prevents from drying.
  • Jojoba oil – It is used to cure diaper rashes and infant skin irritations.

Little’s baby moisturizing soap

Little’s soap is another most trusted and favorite brand in India for baby care. This soap moisturizes and cleans your baby skin without removing the protective layer of natural oils and keeping it soft and smooth. This soap also helps in preventing from skin diseases. It contains milk extract and vitamin A. It has no harmful chemicals and is clinically tested.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Milk extract – It nourishes, soothes and moisturizes baby’s skin.
  • Vitamin A – protects the skin from sun radiation and infections.

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