How to Get Healthy Pink Lips

home remedy for healthy pink lips

Lips are the most important part of the face. Every woman longs for pretty, healthy, soft pink lips naturally. A sweet smile can enlighten your face and strengthen every problem. But we don’t know how to get those lustrous healthy pink lips which can make us look more beautiful without having to apply any lipstick.

Healthy Lips are the most delicate and sensitive part of our face. Therefore it is necessary to take a good care of them.

Simple Beauty tips to get soft and healthy pink lips naturally.

1. Moisturize

It is necessary to moisturize your lips daily. Dry and chapped lips may result to dark and pigmented lips. Apply a lip balm frequently in a day if you have dry lips. Don’t use petrolatum or petroleum based lip balms as they are not beneficial in long run.

Instead opt for the ingredients like Natural Beeswax, Cadillac Wax, Glycerin, Almond Oil and Vitamin E in your balms. You can simply apply Vitamin E before going to bed.

2. Hydrate yourself

Besides external moisturization, internal hydration is also necessary. Hydration removes the dryness and dullness of the lips gradually. So keep yourself hydrated in order to add the pinky and soft look to your lips.

5. Avoid Dark Colors

Using dark colors may take away the natural pink tone of your lips. So try to choose light and soft colors. Opt for the well-known good branded lipsticks.

4. Scrubbing

Scrubbing removes dead cells. Dead cells are on the lips too and make your lips dry and dull. You can scrub your lips with a lip balm or clarified butter before going to bed.

Scrub with a tooth brush next morning while brushing. Mix some sugar with petroleum jelly or lip balm and scrub your lips with this mixture in a circular motion and wipe off with a soft cloth or cotton.

5. Apply Lip balm before lipstick

Before putting on a lipstick always coat your lips with a lip balm. Choose a creamy or satin finish lipstick instead of a matte one. Apply a best lip gloss for a juicy lusture.

6. Rose Petals for Soft Pink Lips

Rose petals give a natural pink tinge to your lips. And when mixed with honey and milk powder, they make your lips bright and soft.

  • Crush some rose petals and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix them well. Also, add a teaspoon of milk powder if you have pigmented lips.
  • Apply this mixture to your lips and leave for 10-15 minutes, wipe off thereafter. Also apply a lip balm.

Follow the above steps and pink, soft and kissable lips are all yours.