5 Easy Ways To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

You cannot deny the fact that marriage makes you fat, because whatever you have done to gain a
perfect body shape on your wedding day, the all processes become weakened once you get married. At
least for a few months after your wedding, you have no time to maintain your work out time as you
need to adjust to your new environment. Apart from these, there are many functions and parties that
you need to attain so maintaining a daily diet seems an impossible thing. But once you get used to, you
can start making a workout plan to shed all extra fat that you have gained in one or two months. Though
it is a tough one, but you should start as early as possible before it becomes too late. The content
discussed 5 easy ways to deal with the post wedding weight gain.

Cook yourself

When you cook yourself, you know what you are putting in your mouth, which is the best thing in
shedding extra fat. The health conscious people prefer cooking as they can count the calories and other
compounds that cause your weight gain. So, when it comes to your weight, you need to be careful while
choosing ingredients. As you are in the process of trimming down your weight, you can go for the low
calorie food. If you think such foods are tasteless, you may make wrong as you can experiment with the
foods and add flavor too, in respect of your weight losing goal.

Enjoy your food with your partner

Sometimes, eating alone can lead you towards overeating; so whenever you take a meal, try to enjoy
eating food and the best way is to enjoy with your partner. It is usual that when you eat slowly, you eat
less as compared to those who finish their plates within a few minutes. In fact, having meals together
after the wedding also comes with a great fun-loving time that newlywed couples are dying to spend.
But make sure that you should not match the food size with each other as because men and women
have different needs in terms of satisfying their food desire, so try to maintain each one food intake

Plan some couple activities

When you are going for losing weight, try to take your partner along with you. It would be a great fun
when both of you enjoy your time together in exercising or other workout plan. It is also good for your
activities, as you never feel bored in regular work out rather you love to spend time with your partner in
that way. You may join the dance or yoga classes, which are the best for maintaining your body balance
and those classes become interesting as well when you are accompanied by your partner. So, while
making a work out plan, always urge your partner to join with you. In that way, the weight losing
process becomes a great time for you as well as you can lose weight without taking too much stress.

Sort out personal issues as soon as possible

Ups and downs are usual in married life, but what is important is to solving those issues as soon as
possible because it can affect your weight losing factor. Stress and depression increase the emission of
the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for gaining weight. Apart from this, stress can make you an

emotional eater that means when you feel angry or sad, you tend to eat foods to suppress your emotion
and in that way you are ending up with gaining weight. So if you are trying to shed your weight, you
need to be happy always.

Make a schedule of losing weight

Scheduling is an important thing for your weight losing program and for this, you can also manage time
with other issues that you need to look after, especially after marriage you have so many responsibilities
and each one needs your attention. You can start by writing down your goal of losing weight that means
how much weight you need to reduce and should make a plan accordingly. To be determined on your
aim, this log book can help you to remind your goal and keep motivating you. In between, you need to
cut down some of your parties and functions, to stay on your diet plan, though once you get your
desired result, you can continue your normal lifestyle.