8 Best Exercise For Strong Thighs

Anatomically, the thigh is situated between the pelvis and the knee in the human body. We generally tend to call it the lower limb. Our thigh is made up of a single bone called the femur. The femur is dense and strong. It forms a ball and socket joint at the hips and a condylar joint at the knee. ‘Less is More’ is the motto of this era. In such a scenario, have toned and lean thighs are very essential. Girls are particularly conscious about what they wear and love to flaunt their beautiful thighs.

Fashion keeps changing with the passage of time but one thing that you always need irrespective of styles and trends is well toned body. Every girl is conscious about having nicely toned strong thighs which can give a proper shape to her body when she dresses up in any kind of clothing.

8 Fitness Routine And Exercise For Strong Legs And Thighs

1. Swimming for Toned Muscular Thighs

Swimming for Toned Muscular Thighs

Kicking is the perfect exercise to get muscular thighs. Therefore, swimming comes into the picture. Kicking is an important part of swimming to stay afloat and propel your body in water. When you keep n swimming on a regular basis, kicking continuously against waters’ resistance will help you build toned and muscular thighs. Fitness experts recommends it as one of the best exercise for legs and thighs especially if you have an injury as you need not put much strain on the knees while swimming.

2. Cycling for Toned Muscular Thighs

Cycling for Toned Muscular Thighs

Another great way to get toned thighs is vigorous long distance cycling or mountain biking. It helps to melt cellulite and compress love handles thereby giving you the kind of muscle you want. This is one of the main reasons as to why most cyclists have beautiful legs and well sculpted, toned and muscular thighs.

3. Running and Brisk Walking For Toned Muscular Thighs

Running and Brisk Walking For Thighs

While running the whole of your lower limbs get toned. Brisk walking is also effective to help you get rid of cellulite. Walk or run daily so that you are able to flaunt those pair of shorts you always longed to wear.

4. Skipping Rope for Toned Muscular Thighs

Skipping Rope for Thighs Exercise

Skipping rope involves short repetitive movements that quickly activate the thigh muscles and is therefore quite effective to get the kind of muscles you always wanted. About 400 jumps on a daily basis and you will be all set with your toned thighs.

5. Yoga for Toned Thighs:

Yoga for Toned Thighs

Yoga is an ancient practice from India. It helps you transcend the three realms of the physical, mental and spiritual growth and prosperity. Yoga comes with various benefits. Yoga asanas for the thigh have been effective since ancient times.

6. Kickboxing for Toned Muscular Thighs:

Kickboxing for Toned Muscular Thighs

Kickboxing or Muai Thai, the Thai form of martial arts is also good for strengthening and toning the the lower limbs, of course thighs included. Kick boxing includes moves like quick high and low kicks in varying intensities and punches. In this kind of boxing, lower limbs is the part of body that is being mainly focused. And therefore, you can beautifully deal with love handles and cellulite.

7. Aerobics for Toned Thighs:

Aerobics for Toned Thighs

Aerobics is the art maintained by people from ages. It helps you to be in shape and maintain your body composure. Aerobics effectively helps you tone your body including your thighs. This is because it involves a lot of leg movement and squats finally giving you stronger and attractive thighs.

8. Pilates for Toned Thighs:

Pilates for Toned Thighs Exercise

Pilates is a new century fitness system developed by Joseph Pilate. It is very popular in America, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is an effective exercise to help build body muscles along with toning the inner and outer thighs.