Easy Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

I am sure everybody will agree that machines have replaced the manual work we used to do. Almost everybody have washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners which have ruled out every possibilities of manual work.  Are these machines not making you lazy? Well, most of us will answer that question in a YES. This laziness definitely ends up in giving those undesired inches and bulging flesh.

Easy Flabby Arms Exercises

Though there are many fitness centers that promises fitness, there is one body part which makes even them give up, and that is our arms.  It is very hard to get rid of fat on our arms, because of the lack of any arm exercise in our daily routine. But you don’t need to worry because we have the solution to this problem. Below is the compilation of 4 exercises that will let you get rid of that accumulated fat on your arms, the best part being that these exercises can be done anywhere and anytime as these do not require any equipments and machines.

1. The windmill:

Lift your arms facing you at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. Now raise your arms above your head and rotate it 360 degrees, just the same as the blades of a windmill. Keep doing this for 20 times in forward and backward direction each.

Benefits:  When you’ll rotate your arms, your upper arms and shoulders will get pressure which will strengthen the muscles of upper arms, shoulders and neck. Moreover, the biceps and triceps will also be toned.

2. The wave goodbye:

Lift your arms at the sides at shoulder level and wave your palms as you do when you wave goodbye. You don’t have to move your arms, but just the palms. Do at a casual speed initially but then speed it up so that you can wave around 100 times in a minute. For effective results, repeat this exercise 3 times in a day.

Benefits: The waving motion, keeping the arms still, creates a twisting motion in your arms, right from the wrists to the shoulders.  This way, you are stretching all your arm muscles, thus toning your entire arm at once.

3. The prayer pose:

Join your palms as you do while praying and place them above your head. Now bring your joined palms in front of your chest and raise them again. Repeat this exercise for minimum 30 times.

Benefits: Your triceps get involved when you join your palms together and when you move them up and down, your biceps are involved. Hence, this exercise is a workout remedy for your biceps as well as triceps.

 4. Arm Stretches:

Lift your hands above your head and interlock your hands by holding your right wrist with your left hand and your left wrist with your right hand. Now use your right hand and drag your left hand towards your right so that your left elbow comes behind your head.

No release your hand and come back to the initial position. Now repeat the same using opposite hands, i.e. pull your right hand towards the left by using your left hand so that your right elbow comes behind your head. Release your hand and come back to the initial interlocked position. Repeat this for 20 times and for effective results do it twice in a day.

Benefits:  Interlocking your hands will involve your triceps and when you pull the hands to the opposite sides; your triceps get stretched, which ultimately tones them.