Top 5 Best Breast Enlargement Home Exercises

Best Breast Enlargement Home Exercises

Girls with flat chest, find it really difficult to purchase gratifying clothes. As per the studies and researches, most of the women want to have larger breasts. Well, the growth and development of breasts depends upon the estrogen hormone. During teenage, since the breast size undergoes continuous growth and development, teenage girls have to buy a larger bra size each year. But there are some women who have small breasts that make them uncomfortable.

Reasons for Small Breasts in Women

Well here are some reasons because of which some women have flat chests or small breasts.

  • The main reason which causes such a problem is the imbalance in the levels of hormones. Ideally, they should have high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone but when these levels are reversed, females experience small breasts.
  • Condition of thyroid
  • Drug indulgence
  • Poor diet or lack of nutrients in food etc.

One of the major reasons for small breasts is decrease in the level of estrogen and high level of testosterone in females. If you have small breasts, you need not take stress because there are many ways by which you can get fully developed breasts. Though you have an option of surgery but if you don’t want to spend much, you can also opt for breast enlargement exercises. This article deals about 5 best breast enlargement home exercises. Read on to know more.

Breast Enlargement Home Exercises

1. Low Table or Bench Breast Exercise

Table or Bench Breast Exercise

Hold approximately 5 lb weight on each of your hand and lie down on your back on a low table or bench. Keep your arms outspread beside you and parallel to the shoulders. Now lift up the weights above yourself till both your arms meet, while lying in a straight position. Once your arms meet, bring them back to the initial position. Do this exercise in three sets of 10 repetitions each.

2. Pushups Breast Exercise

Pushups Breast Exercise

Pushups are an important exercise that lets you build your chest’s muscles. All you need to do is just lie on your stomach with your palms flat and turn your elbows at shoulder level. Once you are done with this, straighten your legs on floor or you might also place your knees on the floor along with keeping your back in a straight position. Now, lift yourself up using your palms and count three. Come back to the starting position. Repeat it for 5 times per set and do 2-3 sets daily.

3. Straight-back chair Breast Exercise

Straight-back chair Breast Exercise

Hold 5 lb weights in both hands and hang your arms on sides but remember to keep your back straight. Lift the weights outwards till your arms and shoulder are in the same alignment and count till five. Come back to the initial position. Repeat it in 3 sets of 5 repetitions each daily in order to increase the size of your breasts

4. Arm rotations Breast Exercise

Arm rotations Breast Exercise

Simple yet effective exercise, arm rotation demands you to simply rotate your arms. Initially, you are supposed to rotate each arm individually for 20 times and after that start rotating both the arms in a simultaneous way for 20 times.

5. Walk ups Breast Exercise

Walk ups Breast Exercise

Stand around two feet away from a wall and then keep your hands on the wall at chest level. Now slowly lean towards the wall with your arms and chest muscles till your nose touches the wall.


These breast enlargement exercises are of great importance and play a vital role in enlarging your breast. Keep doing these exercises regularly along with combining them with proper foods like plant estrogen, which comprise soybeans and peas.