Best Talcum Powder in India for Men

With summers just round the corner, it’s time you go for some talcum powder shopping. Though might sound a bit girlish, talcum powder is your best friend if you sweat excessively. Body talc fits perfectly in your daily skin care kit. It keeps your skin dry and protect against the scorching heat. In a country like India where summers are extreme, a wonderful range of special talcum powder for men has come up in the country under different brands. Let’s go through a few of them today.

1. Axe Denim Cologne Talc

Axe Denim Cologne TalcAxe Denim Cologne Talc is one of the best talc marketed for men in India. This special talc prevents chafing and rashes due to the scorching heat in men. It is moisture absorbent and gives you 24 hours protection from odor. It is cooling, refreshing and smells incredibly good.

Key Features

  • Effective moisture absorber and odor controller
  • Includes talc, calcium carbonate, perfume, dipropylene glycol
  • Keep you fresh all day long
  • Refreshing with wonderful fragrance

2. Park Avenue Deo Talc

Park Avenue Deo TalcPark Avenue Deo Talc keeps your refreshed and rejuvenated throughout summer. The masculine fragrance is a treat to your senses. This popular men’s talcum powder includes the goodness of citrus, fresh, lavender, spicy, aromatic, green, woody, ambery and musky flavor.

Key Features

  • Help fight bad body odor
  • Masculine aromatic fragrance
  • Triclosan with antimicrobial properties
  • Menthol for cooling sensation

3. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Talc

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo TalcWild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Talc is another famous talcum powder available for men in India. The masculine fragrance keeps your sensuous all day long. It keeps you sweat free especially in areas like armpits and across the breadth of your back.

Key Features

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Greater absorbent property
  • Keeps you dry all day long

4. Nivea Musk Talc

Nivea Musk Talc for menNivea Musk Talc is a special deo talcum powder for men in India. It absorbs body moisture and keeps you refreshing all day long. It keeps you confident all day long because of its odor control behavior. The soft gentle fragrance help you stay calm in the scorching heat.

Key Features

  • Lightly fragranced talc for refreshing skin
  • No harmful chemicals, no side effect
  • Sweat and odor control
  • Smooth and fine talcum powder

5. Dermi Cool Prickly Powder

Dermi Cool Prickly Powder IndiaDermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder is another famous talcum brand in India. Other than keeping you sweat free, it comes with its own healing properties. It cures skin rashes and itching during summers. The talc gives you the much required odor free confidence.

Key Features

  • Cures burning sensation of prickly heat
  • Long lasting cooling freshness formula
  • Sweat proof and instant coolness properties
  • Exclusive bacteriostatic formula

6. Yardley London Gentleman Talcum Powder for Men

Yardley London Gentleman Talcum Powder for MenYardley London Gentleman Talcum Powder is another branded product for men in India. It has a very strong masculine scent that speaks about your personality. It is an enticing blend of fresh citrus, black pepper and spicy cardamom with white chocolate.

Key Features

  • Strong masculine scent speaks to the senses
  • Blend of sandalwood, musk, amber and white chocolate
  • Keep your sweat free and odorless
  • Fresh and invigorating feeling all day long

7. Cinthol Long Lasting Deo Talc

Cinthol Long Lasting Deo TalcCinthol Long Lasting Deo Talc is known for its longing lasting aromatic fragrance. Most suitable for men, this deo talcum powder provides all day odor protection and keep you sweat free all day long. The fresh feeling stimulate your senses and keep you refreshed.

Key Features

  • Soft and supple skin all day long
  • No sweat no odor formula
  • Mesmerizing fragrance for sensual effect
  • Long lasting cooling freshness formula

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