How to Use Onion for Hair Growth

Hair fall is the most common problem today. Almost everybody is suffering hair loss but imagine if we keep losing our hair just like this, what will happen after a few years? There has to be a solution to combat this problem.  Oh wait, there are many…you can go for cosmetics that claims to boost hair growth, but are they safe? So the question is there has to be a home solution that could solve the problem naturally. Don’t worry…we have that solution too.

onion for hair growth

Onion is the solution to hair fall problem. It not only reduces hair fall but also helps in growth of the hair. Now you must be thinking that how can onion help in hair treatment when it smells so bad. But it surely does. If you are witnessing your hair line thinning or some hairless patches, try opting onion treatment instead of spending unnecessarily in salons and spas.

Using onion for hair growth is not only natural but absolutely safe too because you are not exposing your hair and scalp to harsh chemicals, instead you are simply using a kitchen ingredient in order to prevent hair loss.

Manner in which onions combat hair fall and encourages hair growth

Being rich in sulfur, onions inspire hair growth because sulfur helps in improving blood circulation. Since onions also possess antibacterial properties, they reduce the skin inflammations, if any. In addition to the above, onion juice imparts strength to your hair and open up the pores of your hair follicles to avoid scalp infection. This article deals about various ways of using onion to reduce hair fall. Read on to know more.

In form of raw onion juice:

This is the simplest method to take the benefits of the sulfur content in onion. All you need to do is just process some onions in your food processor and take out its juice. Apply it on your scalp and wash off with a mild shampoo after at least 30 minutes Effective results can be seen with a minimum use of onions thrice a week for 1-2 months. Above all, you must remember that since it is a natural remedy, you need to show patience.

In form of onion-honey mixture:

Mix one-fourth cup of raw onion juice with honey. Stir it well and massage your scalp with it daily to see effective results.

In form of a onion-rum concoction:

Well, if you just can’t bear the smell of onion and yet want to use it for hair growth, you should really try this method. All you need to do is just chop 1 onion and immerse it all night in a glass of rum. Leave the glass outside and not in your refrigerator. Filter it the next day, to remove the onion bits and then massage your scalp by this liquid. It can also be used as a hair rinse.


Your hair are very precious, hence start caring for them from today itself. Use these onion remedies and stop hair fall. These remedies, apart from solving hair loss problem, will also add shine and luster to the hair along with making them smooth.

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