Top 10 Hair Brushes Available in India

Hair is the most prized possession of every girl. It actually chills her to the bone even at the sight of few strands of hair fall. One of the most important parts of hair styling is brushing. The right brush can help you massage your scalp, stimulate oil glands and at the same time clean hair shafts and follicles to keep your hair dandruff free. Indians too seem to be quite of an enthusiast in this market.

Hence, we have come with a list of 10 hair brushes perfect in detangling all hair types in India. Read on!

1. Roots Professional Brushes with Ceramic

Roots Professional Brushes with CeramicRoots professional brushes with ceramic are the perfect brush to set the most trendy hairstyles every time. Ideal for both men and women this roller brush is waterproof and highly durable. The brush also helps you create flips and bang.


  • Made of special glue free mechanical structure
  • Both waterproof and highly durable
  • Can evenly distribute heat from the dryer
  • Protects hair and take care of hair fall

2. Vega Premium Collection Paddle Brush

Vega Premium Collection Paddle BrushVega Premium Collection Paddle Brush in another popular hair brush brands in India. The brush is made of nylon bristles with stay-put ball tips that easily penetrate your hair and comfortably massage your scalp. It also helps reduce snags and tangles.


  • Unisex and suitable for all hair lengths
  • Well balanced nylon bristles
  • Quite hygienic and can be cleaned very easily
  • Massage root for healthy and beautiful hair

3. Bare Essentials Volumising Brush Small

Bare Essentials Volumising Brush SmallBare Essentials Volumising Brush is suitable for all types of hair. This unisex roller brush works perfectly on hair sprays without any damage and let you experiment with different styles. Use it to detangle knots and flatten long locks to add luster to the hair.


  • Aluminum heads maintain hair style for long
  • Non-electric hair to enjoy beautiful and soft curls
  • Help get rid of painful entangling
  • Unisex flat brush for all hair types

4. Divo Vent Brush

 Divo Vent BrushDivo Vent Brush is a best hair brush brand in India. The daily detangling and styling hair brush accelerates the blow-drying process and allow warm air to circulate directly at root level thereby reducing potential damage to the hair.


  • Leaves hair soft and smooth from root to tip
  • Plastic bristles for easy cleaning of the brush
  • Provide great tension during blow-drying
  • Softens hair shaft texture

5. Denman DCB1 Cleaning Brush

Denman DCB1 Cleaning BrushDenman DCB1 Cleaning Brush helps you shape your hair with the trendiest look. The pointed end of this brush makes it easy to clean. The stiff bristles easily penetrate through any type of hair brush and clean it thoroughly thus keeping your scalp hygienic.


  • Clean scalp and keep hair healthy
  • Brush ends removes dust and fluff
  • Stiff bristles for detangling knots
  • Pointed end to rake out loose hair

6. Kent Paddle Brush

Kent Paddle BrushKent Paddle Brush is one of the best detangling hair brushes in India. It is ideal for smoothing and straightening hair to give it a healthy and shiny look. The brush prevents split ends and penetrates the scalp to strengthen hair roots.


  • Helps in smoothing and straightening hair
  • Heat resistant cushion for detangling knots
  • Prevent split ends on all hair lengths
  • Massage root for healthy and beautiful hair

7. Ceramic and Ion Big Round Brush

Ceramic and Ion Big Round BrushCeramic and ion big round brush is a lightweight hair brush made up of fine bristles. The shaft is ceramic coated and the ion charged bristles lead to shiny lustrous hair. The ceramic property of the brush eliminates frizz and get you your desirable hair style every time.


  • Negative ions breaking-down bacteria build-up in the hair
  • Heat is allowed to spread evenly for faster drying
  • Keeps hair fresh and conditioned
  • Ceramic coated shaft to detangle knots

8. Goody Finish Paddle Brush

Goody Finish Paddle BrushGoody Finish Paddle Brush is another detangling hair brushes in India. The brush is known for its anti-slip grip properties and anti-static bristles. It is the best solution for painless detangling of hair knots and keeps it soft and dandruff free.


  • Start Style Finish three steps formula
  • Keeps hair fresh and conditioned
  • Keeps hair soft and dandruff free
  • Prevent split ends on all hair lengths

9. Croc Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

Croc Boar Bristle Paddle BrushCroc Boar Bristle Paddle Brush is one of the leading hair brushes in India. This anti static large paddle cushion brush is considered most ideal for mousse and gel distribution in the hair. It works perfectly fine on wet and dry styling.


  • Anti-static flexible bristles for wet and dry styling
  • Nylon tipped large paddle cushion brush
  • Ideal for mousse and gel distribution
  • Massage tip bristles and eliminates static and frizz

10. Phillips Monster/Vent Brush

Phillips Monster/Vent BrushPhillips Monster/Vent Brush is a professional brush with comfortable rubber grips for easy styling. The brush features a vented barrel that helps reduce weight and allow the maximum flow of air to keep the roots strong and add luster to the hair.


  • Hardwood handles with reinforced bristles
  • Vented brush for better air flow
  • Hollow head reduces weight
  • Suitable for straightening long hair

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