Top 5 Celebrities Featuring Weave Hairstyles

Weave hairstyles are one of the most admired ways to look after your hair while avoiding breakage. Weaves add volume and bounce to your hair, thereby increasing the length of your hair. Though there was a misconception that only African women used weaves, but today most of the girls are using weaves to get long and straight hair.

Weaving is a complex method where fake hair is weaved with the original hair to add bounce and volume to the naturally thin hair. Weaves help you to get a fabulous, trend-setting and different hair styles. In order to maintain long-lasting weaves, you need a good hair stylist and remember to choose only those weaves which suits your face the best.

Hear are list of the top 5 best celebrity weave hairstyles.

1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Weave Hairstyles

Paris Hilton is an American socialite and a television actress. Being the brand ambassador of a hair extension company, Paris Hilton wear weaves to emphasize her blonde hair delightfully. She usually wears platinum and light weaves to make her look more beautiful and has a trademark on long and blonde extensions. Paris believes in using headbands to keep her look fresh.

In the above image, Paris is carrying a poker straight hair which is adding length to her hair.

2. Beyonce Knowles:

Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles is a well-known songwriter, singer, actor and a dancer. She is known for her trendy and modern hairstyles and her love for weaves is quite obvious. The image features Beyonce with perfectly defined dark colored hair weaves with soft curls and volume adding bounce to her hair, best suited for her long face. The medium hair length and these soft curls are giving her a fuller and a fashionable look.

5. Britney Spears

Britney Spears Hairstyles

Britney Spears is an American pop star, entertainer, actor and an occasional author. She has been using these mermaid weaves to overcome her thin locks and have bouncy and voluminous hair. Her hairdo has loose curls, making her look prettier along with giving her face a fuller look.

3. Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and a reality television celebrity. She is the youngest sister of R&B singing sensation, Toni Braxton. In this image you can see her bounced hair which is the result of the weaves that she used. Also, the curls are adding stars to her beautiful hairdo.

Tamar Braxton Hairstyles

Now, here’s another look, far different from the above one. In this image Tamar have used such weaves which gives her straight hair and have chosen dark streaks and shades, which are complimenting her gorgeous face.

4. Wendy Raquel Robinson

Wendy Raquel Robinson is an amazing American actress and is well known for her role as high school principal Regina Grier in ‘The Steve Harvey Show’. She has been sported with different hairstyles on various occasions. The image shown below, displays her long weaves with soft curls and turns. This look suits her and this weaving hairstyle makes her look full and healthy.

Wendy Raquel Robinson Hairstyles

This image, unlike the above image shows Wendy having short weaves having loose curls and dual color tone that is very well accentuating her skin tone.


Weaves are surely a one-time solution for all those who have thin hair. They impart bounce to your hair thereby making them longer and more voluminous. It is the latest way of styling your locks in a smart and fashionable manner.