10 Best Ways to Safely Exercise with Your Pet

A pet is the best companion not only for home but can also prove to be one for regular exercising.
For people having dogs and cats as pet, they prove helpful companions for exercising and
maintaining workout schedules. If a person prefers not to work out alone, taking a pet out for the
fitness activities is useful not only for the person but also for the pet.
Many a time one seeks companionship for taking regular walks and exercises. There are also cases
where the partners or friends schedule to accompany them drop out at the last minute leaving the
person helpless and skipping the workout routine as a result. As such, we bring ten essential ways by
which one can take their pet for regular exercises and workouts. However, workout proves much
beneficial and easier if one has a dog or cat as a pet.


A good exercise for both owner and the pet is regular walking. It not only keeps the heart
stronger but also helps in maintaining fitness perfectly. A person doing brisk walks always has the
blood pressure in check. The pet too gets fresh with the outside air and is active throughout the day.
One can start the walks with short distances and gradually increasing the kilometres with time.

Ball fetching

A dog loves to play this game where an owner throws the ball to a distance and it runs
to get it back. One can do sit ups through this game where after every two or three sit ups the owner
can throw the ball for the pet to fetch it. This exercise would not only make the pet happier but also
help in cutting the extra flab off tummy area.


Music is loved by all, be it a person or a pet. Dancing is also a form of graceful exercise and
an aerobic workout regime. It helps in effective calorie burning and also regulating the blood
pressure of a person. One can easily make dance moves to his or her favourite song and will sure see
the pet doing moves of its own. It is a good way of spending time with the pet and observing its
dance moves.


One can perform pet squats easily by lifting the pet during the workout in an affectionate
gesture. One can also lift a ball and make the pet grab it while the person performs squatting.


One of the most pleasurable exercises is swimming. For water lovers, swimming provides
a way of relaxation as well as helps in muscle toning and increasing stamina. Dogs are excellent
swimmers and having them as exercise mates would be much enjoyable.


One can play football with the pet by making it the opponent. The pet would love to run
after the ball to get it back and push it with the paws back to the player. This exercise is helpful in
toning the leg muscles of the body.


Pets love to chase their owners when they run. Running is a good exercise for both the pet
and the owner. To make the activity more enjoyable, one can throw a ball in a farther direction and
compete with the pet as to who would reach the ball first.

Climbing stairs

One can run through the whole length of the stairs from bottom to top thereafter
along with the pet. This will tone the leg muscles and also help in burning calories.


The skipping exercise with the pet makes an enjoyable sight to see. This is an exercise one
can do with pet in open spaces at a slower pace.


One can make push ups enjoyable by having the pet on top of one’s back when doing the
exercise. This would make the pet feel good to have a ride on the owner’s back.
Exercising with the pet is enjoyable and fun loving, however though; it is advisable to not overstress
the pet into tiredness which would lead to disadvantages and being unfit.