10 Health Benefits of Holy Basil Tulsi

health benefits of tulsi

Holy Basil or Tulsi has a special significance in Indian culture and Hindi religion. It is not only a great herbal remedy for lots of common health problems but it is also considered important from religious point of view which is why it is worshipped in most of the Hindu households. It comes with amazing benefits for health and plays an effective role in keeping you fit and fine.

This article talks about few health benefits of Tulsi which can be extremely helpful.

1. Common Cold and Fever

Basil leaves work beautifully in case of fevers. Drinking tea prepared with the miraculous Tulsi leaves is one of the best preventive herbal treatments for all kinds of fevers in rainy season. Juice of holy basil leaves is also very effective in controlling the body temperatures. It is one of the best homemade medicines for people of all age groups.

2. Cough and Cold

It is the best herb for treating cold and cough. In fact, all the cough and cold medicines have holy basil leaves as the main ingredient. It is very effective in throwing the cough out of the body. It is also helpful in asthmatic problems. You can prepare a hot tea prepared with Tulsi leaves and ginger to get relief from cough.

3. Healer and Protector

Tulsi leaves come with amazing power to heal the bronchitis related problems. It’s a great healer for respiration related issues. It imparts strength and stamina to the body thereby making your body stronger against diseases.

4. Heart Disorders

Tulsi is found to be very effective in reducing the level of blood cholesterol thereby promising a healthier and fitter heart. It is considered to be the best medicine for those who are suffering from cardiac problems as it is very effective in reducing the weakness and regaining the lost stamina of the body.

5. Respiratory Disorders

This herb works wonderfully on respiratory related problems. Preparing a herbal drink using the decoction of Tulsi leaves with honey and ginger is a divine combination for all kinds of problems like throat infections, sore throat, cold, cough etc.

6. Kidney Stone

Over the years, kidney stone has become quite a common problem. Juice of basil leaves mixed with honey is an easy and effective cure for kidney stones. It is believed that regular consumption of this juice for 6 months expels the stone from your system via urine.

7. Stress

Basil leaves are an effective anti-stress agent. Regularly chewing 12 basil leaves twice a day is an effective anti-stress home remedy.

8. Blood Purifier

Tulsi leaves are one of the best herbs for purifying blood and imparting a clean texture to your skin. Consuming teas made with these wonderful leaves helps you fight skin diseases and allergies. It works effectively on ringworms as well

9. Mouth Infections

These are an amazing treatment for ulcers and other infections in mouth.

10. Insect Bites

It is a curative and preventive herb for insect bites and stings. Applying fresh tulsi leaves juice on affected areas brings instant relief.

These are only general guidelines for Tulsi as a first aid. You are advised to seek guidance of physician before using this amazing herb.

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