6 Benefits of Drinking Water Using Copper Vessels Regularly

Copper is a prime element and the third largely prevailing mineral in the body. It is required for
proper body functioning. Copper is required in the body for proper iron utilization, energy
production and growth of hair, eyes and the tissues. It also plays an active part in fast healing of
wounds and formation of red blood corpuscles.

In earlier times, people used to cook food in copper utensils as it was the easily available metal. The
human body gets the required copper amount from dietary sources like green leafy vegetables,
honey and beans. However, one of the best ways of providing copper to the body is by using copper
vessels or having water stored overnight in copper jar. Some of the best benefits of using copper
vessels for eating and drinking include:

Curing arthritis

Copper plays an active role in reducing arthritis symptoms. Eating food in a copper
utensil leads to its anti inflammatory properties providing strength to the bones and also to prevent
joint pain.

Slows ageing process

Copper is an effective anti oxidant and its anti carcinogenic properties slows
down the ageing process by prevention of cell damage. It also defends the cells from attack of free

Immunity building

Drinking water from copper vessels leads to effective healing of wounds. It cures
anaemic issues and cures internal wounds and skin diseases. It is also used for curing a number of
respiratory diseases. Copper also helps in safeguarding skeletal and nervous system of the human

Thyroid regulator

As the water in a copper vessel becomes positively charged, it is helpful in
regulating thyroid gland.

Improvement of digestion process

The water stored in a copper vessel has all the antimicrobial
abilities which develops digestion and kills all viruses and other organisms present in the body. The
PH balance in the copper also helps the body water to regulate fat effectively.

Brain stimulant

The food taken in a copper utensil is termed ad brain food as copper synthesizes
phospholipids which effectively forms nerve coating and prevents seizures.

However, too much intake of copper is also bad as it leads to gastrointestinal diseases and also liver
damage. It is thus advisable to take the right amount of copper fit for the body.