6 Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure

As we grow old, some very common health problems like high blood pressure surround us. This is a reflection of various kinds of anticipated heart problems which we may have to face in future. Anything that is above the reading of 120/80 is considered to be high blood pressure and we must not take it lightly.

The best way to keep a check on the blood pressure level is with the health of diet. You can always watch what you eat and stay healthy instead of consuming lots of medicines to keep it control. Remember, it is always better to control your food and diet to stay fit. This keeps your system in good shape so that you can live a healthier life.

This article brings to you 6 most amazing foods that can help you lower your blood pressure in a natural and comfortable way. Just include them in your regular diet and you do not need to bother much. Let us have a quick look at these 6 fabulous food items.

1. Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is an amazing food item for all those who suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. It is a rich source of calcium, magnesium and potassium which together help you stay fit and healthy. You can easily include this cool and creamy ingredient in your diet in different kinds of forms. You can have it your breakfast in sauces or salad dressing. You can experiment with it in different ways. There is a big room to have it in different varieties.

2. White Beans

White beans are known to be one of the best food items for lowering the high blood pressure. You can easily include it in your diet by having them in side dishes or with soups or in salad. They are a rich source of calcium, magnesium and potassium you are needed by body to stay fit and healthy. It is one of the most amazing choices for vegetarians for a wholesome protein diet. You can cook dried beans in slow cooker or have well-rinsed canned white beans for a complete meal.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are another very healthy fruit which must be included in diet for all those who suffer from a risk of high blood pressure. As per a recent British and American study, blueberries along with strawberries and raspberries contain anthocyanins, a natural compound that is very effective in protecting your system against hypertension. Have it in your diet on regular basis to experience the goodness of this wonderful fruit.

4. Cereals

Cereals promise a healthy start of the day. All those who have complaints of high blood pressure, having a bowl full of cereals in breakfast everyday is a wonderful meal. Go for fiber rich cereals like oat squares, oat meal, shredded wheat etc. which promise amazing digestion and also reduce chances of high blood pressure. You can top up your cereal breakfast with blueberries to make it healthier. This is surely the best choice of breakfast for everyone.

5. Beet Juice

Enrich your diet with healthy beet juice which promises to reduce high levels of blood pressure. As per the research conducted by Queen Mary University of London beet juice contains richness of nitrate which promises to have the same effect as taking a nitrate tablet. You can also go for fresh beetroot in salads or churn them into mixer for a healthy glass of juice every day. To make it healthier, you can always add some other vegetables like spinach, carrots, lettuce etc. and enjoy a wholesome healthy beverage.

6. Herbal Tea

Regular intake of herbal tea is also very helpful in reducing blood pressure as concluded by researched. Some of the teas which beautifully help in reducing the pressure in blood include the following:

  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Hawthorn Tea
  • Gotu kola Tea

You can easily have any of these teas in your diet and enjoy a smooth and healthy living with controlled blood pressure. These are the natural food items which promise better health. So include them in your diet plan from now and experience the wonderful results.