Amazing Health Benefits of Parsley Oil

Health Benefits of Parsley Oil

Parsley oil is not just any regular massage oil. It comes with amazing benefits which are very effective in imparting better health. As it is derived from parsley plant, it obviously has that flavor because of which it is widely used in Italian cuisine. It is ancient oil as it has many references in the history. It is known to be very effective in boosting appetite. It is also used in controlling blood pressure. This oil also helps in frequent urination. Experts have been using it for various therapeutic effects. It is very effective in problems related with nervous system, spine and brain.

Extraction of Parsley Oil

  • The roots, seeds and leaves of the parsley plant are used for extracting the oil.
  • Seeds are richer in oil content as compared with the roots and the leaves.
  • The color of the oil is either pale yellow or it is transparent.
  • Discovery of oil took place in 1890 and since then it has been in use.

Benefits of Parsley Oil

Let us now study the health benefits of Parsley Oil which make it so popular.

Detoxification of the Body

If you want to clean your system from waste material and any other unwanted substances then parsley oil comes with detoxification properties which are helpful in throwing toxins out of the system. Keeping your system clean helps you feel light, energetic and refreshing. In various skin problems and arthritis, detoxification adds a soothing effect.

Comfortable Menstruation

Periods are not always smooth and easy. Sometimes you are in deep pain because of the cramps. You also feel lethargic and uneasy because of menstruation. Parsley oil is helpful in making your periods comfortable. It comes with various health properties which are effective in soothing the pain and ensuring comfort from the uneasiness during this time.

Effective in Healing Wounds Faster

Sometimes your wounds can take longer to heal. This is of course not a good sign as it can adversely affect your internal organs and overall health which can be damaging in the long run. In order to keep your body safe, you can use parsley oil. By applying it on your wounds, you can eliminate the growth of microbes on it thereby combating the growth of infections. It is also very helpful in easing the pain and bringing in the much needed comfort.

Healthy Oil for Skin

You can even use this wonderful oil to keep your skin clean and health.

  • All you need to do is mix parsley oil with apple cider vinegar and some tea tree oil. Use this combination as skin toner on regular basis and you will experience all your blemishes gone.
  • Another combination is using parsley oil along with almond oil and olive oil. Apply it on your face and leave it for half an hour. Rinse it with water and you will have smoother and fresher skin.
  • Having regular massage with parsley oil can help you fight the problem of cellulite as it helps in tightening and toning of skin.

Helpful in Digestion

Parsley oil is known to come with amazing benefits and digestion is one of them. Just by smelling the beautiful aroma of this essential oil, you can actually speed up the process of digestion. It is effective in boosting the secretion of digestive juices in your body thereby imparting strength to the overall process of digestion. Just by smelling it, you will start feeling hungry and your system is going to have fester digestion. You might even experience increase in your appetite.


If you think you are not very romantic then parsley oil is a wonderful solution. You can consume it or simply enjoy a relaxing massage with this oil and you will experience the effect of this organic oil. Parsley oil is also used as an aphrodisiac.

These are some of the very popular health benefits attached with parsley oil. But let us now study about the safety of this essential oil.

Precautions While Using Parsley Oil

Here are a few precautions that must be kept in mind while using Parsley Oil:

  • Pregnant women must avoid using this oil.
  • Make sure that you keep it at a safe place which is beyond the range of young children in the house.
  • Before using it on your skin, you must always get a skin patch test done to make sure that it suits your skin and you are not allergic to it.
  • Use it under the guidance of the doctor.
  • Do not use it directly.

So now you are all set to avail the health benefits of Parsley oil. If you have not used it now, you must try it to avail these benefits and stay healthier and happier.