Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Loss

Indian Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Loss without Side effects - ayurvedic treatment

When it comes to losing weight, many would prefer Ayurvedic medicine to avoid side effects and chemical reaction of the other commercial products. Aurvedic products are very popular in Indian, especially for the weight losing factor; as the obesity problem increases with time, people feel to lose extra fat to stay healthy and fit. Though you can find many ayurvedic products in the market, you need to know which one suits you the best. It is true that herbal products do not contain any chemical ingredients that harm your body, but expecting zero side effects is not also desirable as you may have mild to severe allergic reaction due to your physical as well as medical conditions. Here top 10 ayurvedic weight loss medicines are given for you.

Slim Guard Ayurvedic Medicine

Slim guard comes with many herbal ingredients that boost your inner function in terms of losing weight. This medicine comes with ingredients like Bridalia Montana, glycosmis pentaphylla that keeps your body safe from any overweight related diseases. This product works by increasing your metabolism that improves your calorie burning capacity, which in turn loses your weight. Other than this, it improves your immunity as well your energy level, which helps in removing extra fat in a rapid way.

Trimhollis Herbal Medicine

This product is an effective ayurvedica medicine as it works on different ways to lose your weight. It comes with trikatu, trimad and triphala that stimulate your metabolism, regulate your digestion and prevent water retention in your body. These all facts contribute in putting on weight so this product can work on your fat and remove the excessive ones from your body.  Generally, this product helps in your weight management, increases your fat metabolism and improves your energy level.

Ayurvedic Gercinia Cambogia Capsule

Those who have no time to maintain a workout routine, they can take this garcinia cambogia capsule for losing weight. It is a natural product extracted from the food of the same name. By taking this medicine, you can suppress your hunger, which is a big factor for overweight people. Besides this, it induces your metabolism that increases the fat burning process, which is converted into your energy. This product claims no side effects, but make sure you choose the real one.

Jatan Capsule

Jatan capsule is an herbal weight loss product, which is made of such compounds that support your weight loss program.  Among the overweight people, this product becomes very popular as it reduces your appetite without starving yourself. It helps in increasing the fat burning process, by which you can trim down your shape as the way you want. Generally, manufacturers recommend people to maintain consuming this capsule for 1 to 2 months to get the best result.

Herbal Hills Guggulhills

In India, herbal hills guggulhills is another weight losing product come to give the desired result to those who are suffering from the obesity. Apart from managing your weight, this product helps in controlling blood pressure.  This product is made of gugul, which is a very popular Indian herb to maintain your weight as well as healthy cholesterol level and it detoxifies your body too. So, it comes with a great benefit of losing weight.

Trima yu capsule

Trimayu is another Indian herbal product for your weight loss. It comprises of standardized herbal extract that does not contain any chemical side effects or additives. This product works in scientific ways to lose your weight that include fat metabolism, appetite control and increase energy level. Along with maintaining your weight, it also fights against the all odds of overweight issue.


This herbal product induces your weight losing process by breaking down fats through metabolism. Not only that, it also prevents the overweight complication. So, for an active life, you can take this medicine and as it helps in improving your energy level too. The herbal compounds give lots of benefits to your health other than this weight related problem.

Ezy Slim

Ezy slim is a very effective product if you consider its way of work as it focuses on the stubborn fat, which is difficult to reduce only by exercising and following a healthy diet. This medicine also cuts down your food cravings that contribute in the weight losing factor. It improves your metabolism, which itself goes with your weight shedding process.

Himalaya Aurslim Product

Aurslim works on reducing weight and controlling the lipid factor that too cuts down your extra fat. It contains gercinia, gymnema and other herbal ingredients that reduce your appetite and increase your inner function as to lose weight.


This is a balanced herbal product that controls your calorie count in respect of reducing extra fat from the body.  Consuming this capsule for a prescribed time period, you can improve your digestion as well as metabolism, the both of which are essential in reducing fat.