Instant Tips to get rid of a Hangover

Best Ways to Get Rid of Hangover

Best Ways to Get Rid of Hangover

Partying is a way to drop your busy, hectic life for a while and go with the flow of the happenings around. Partying is fun. As the night grows older, excitement grows bigger. You enjoy to the fullest and go to sleep. It is the next day when you wake up with fatigue, chills, nausea, sweating, dizziness and headache which is generally termed as hangover. It happens when there is an overdose of your alcohol consumption which you do not consider the night before.

Hence, today we have come up with the top 10 best tips to help you get rid of a severe hangover instantly. Have a look! Hope it works on you.

1. Sleep

Make sure you party on Fridays or Saturdays or the night before holidays. Sleep after a wasted night is very essential. You should not require rushing to your workplace at 9 the next morning when you have a massive hangover to deal with. Your body should be given adequate rest to help it recover from loose the night. Well, until your body has rested fine.

2. Sip tea or coffee

Go for green tea with honey. It works as energy booster and help you recover from the bad hangover faster. Again, though not fruitful for some, coffee work miracles for the rest. Espresso or a mildly strong cup of coffee is good but overdose can cause migraine or headache. Again, coffee might be the reason against dehydration, hence, makes sure keep a check on the count.

3. Drink lots of water

Water comes handy in any body abnormality or trouble. Drink lots and lots of water. This way you get rid of hangovers and feel stronger and capable of at least performing your everyday chores. Alcohol makes you pee more often and hence there are high chances of dehydration. Keep your water bottle at the arms length so that you may reach out for it after short intervals.

4. Go for Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks are a great source to help you get rid of hangover. Where tea, coffee or water fails to show its wonders, energy drinks does the trick. These power drinks help you get back to your feet as recovers the lost electrolytes in the body and make you all go to go. The market in India is full of these kinds of drink today.

5. A hot bath is effective

A relaxing warm bath makes you feel much better and is probably the best way to help you get rid of hangovers. Fill your bath tub with warm water and foaming gel and relax there for a while. Your hangover and all your tension will get release and you will be as good as new in merely one to two hours. Warm water help you ease all the pain and fatigue and make you feel better.

6. Maintain your diet

Do not just pound on anything edible during a bad hangover. Fatty foods and dairy products are a big no’ no’. Rather include as much carbohydrates and fiber as you can in your diet. Pasta with tomato sauce is also okay if it contains no butter or fatty components. Start your day with a healthy breakfast like honey and white bread as they are most effective on nasty hangovers.

7. Opt for Medication in severe cases

Only in the worst scenario, go for medication. When you have tried everything out and nothing seems to be good enough, pain medications seems to be the only solution. Prescribed dosage of an anti-inflammatory drug once a blue moon is okay, but never turn it into an everyday affair. Because it directly affects the liver.

8. Exercise is good

Let your lazy bum out of the bed and start exercising. When you hit the gym after a night of partying, you are sure to get back the lost energy. Burning calories will help you get back to your senses. Plus as you work out you will feel dehydrated and this will solve your ‘feeling lazy to drink water’ issue. So the next time you wake up with a severe hangover, get to your treadmill and let your entire hangover out.

9. Prevention is better than cure

Drink only as much as you can handle. Do not cross the line. Better stop beforehand. Have lots of carbs with alcohol as they your level of consumption. Learn to say no to the extra round of tequila shots because what follows next is night of crazy adventure and soon you will be in bed with a severe headache, fatigue and bad hangover.

10. Try Asparagus

According to recent studies from Asian countries, Asparagus helps a great deal in helping you get rid of hangover. The amino acid and mineral content actually does the trick. It lowers the toxicity of alcohol and help you fell better very soon. It is diuretic and hence you get the alcohol out through your pee.

When on the subject here are a few things that will happen to you when you quit drinking alcohol.

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