Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain refers to the constant pain in the lower back or below the shoulder. It usually originates from muscles, nerves or bones and is the most common problem as everybody suffers from backache at least once in their lifetime. One must not ignore it as it can take some severe form and can prevent you from even moving around. It is very important to diagnose the exact reason and one must adopt the following natural therapies to avoid back pain.

We have come with some of the most Effective Remedies to treat back pain right at home.

Keep Moving

Don’t lie for long time as it would make back movements difficult and remember to keep your back arched by using a pillow under your knee.

Cold and Hot compressions

In case of a back injury, resort to cold and hot compresses within 24 hours of the injury. Apply ice pack for 20 minutes followed by a hot compress.

Hot Bath

If you backache lasts more than 24 hours, you must soak in hot bath for about half an hour.

Relaxation Tips

Muscle pull is the most common reason for backache. Relaxation methods like meditation, deep breathing or minor yoga exercises solves the problem.

Using cushion for support

If you have to sit for a longer period, use a cushion to have a support for your back. Also remember to take short breaks in between and avoid continuous sitting for long hours.


Swimming is the best exercise to get rid of backache.

Shedding extra pounds

Being overweight can also be one of the reasons for your backache. Reduce your weight and bring your BMI under control.

Proper Sleeping positions

Improper sleeping position causes backache. The best position is to sleep on sides with knees bent. Place a pillow between your leg to avoid twisting of the top leg as it might trigger a strain in the back.

Proper Lifting Positions

If you are lifting something heavy, keep your elbows close to your body and bend your knees while picking it up from the floor. If you have a heavy backpack, don’t lift it on just one shoulder.

Change your mattress

Use of orthopedic mattresses that are firm prevents backache. Change your mattresses if you have frequent back problems.

Abdominal Exercises

Resort to abdominal exercises at least twice a week to reduce the strain and to have a flexible and strong back.

Increase the intake of Calcium and Vitamin D

Osteoporosis also causes back pain. Intake of Calcium and Vitamin D will make your bones and spine strong and reduce chances of backache.

Say NO to heels

Avoid using high heeled sandals and shoes as it leads to strain in the back.

Quit smoking

Avoid smoking to avoid backaches because it reduces the blood flow to the muscles and makes them week and prone to small strains. The nicotine present in cigarette leads the discs to dry and crack.


Standing, sitting or lying in same position for a longer time, causes your back muscles to strain. To prevent this, get up and move around in between. You can also do stretches to ensure proper blood circulation in the muscles of the back.

Herbal remedies

When herbal remedies are concerned, use of epsom salt and application of eucalyptus oil, licorice and peppermint on back relieves you of the pain.