Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick in Hot Ginger Review

Hey Girls,

Here I am with another product review. This time I will be sharing my experiences on using Street Wear Ultra Moist Hot Ginger which comes from the re-launched range of lipsticks by Street Wear. I have used it only a few times since I have purchased it because of some of the things which are not so appealing about this lipstick.

Street Wear Ultra Moist Lipstick in Hot Ginger

Here is a detailed review of this lipstick which surely has quite an interesting and impressive name. Now let’s see how good it is in reality.

About Street Wear Ultra Moist Hot Ginger

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist lipsticks are a part of the newly launched range of lipsticks by Street Wear. They come with a promise to instantly revamp your drab look. They come with ease of application and long lasting finish. Company claims it to be an essential part of your vanity kit.

Some of the important features of the product have been mentioned below:

  • It doesn’t contain lead.
  • It doesn’t settle into fine lines thereby leaving you with a perfect finish and right shine.
  • It comes with good moisturizing capacity which smoothens and nourishes dry lips without having to apply lip balm.

Price- INR 180 for 4.2g

My Experience With Street Wear Ultra Moist Lipstick in Hot Ginger

Let’s have a category wise discussion on all important points:


There is nothing fancy or stylish about the packaging. This lipstick comes in a simple and decent packaging with a cute girl graphic printed on the transparent cap. The details like the shade name and number is mentioned at the bottom of the packaging. You can carry it along in your purse but make sure that the lid is in place.


The shade Hot Ginger is light brown shade. I was not pleased with the shade because it has a frosty finish which is not a nice color. The frosty finish interferes with the real shade of the light brown color and gives it a very different shade. I was kind of disappointed with my selection of color. The name was very interesting but the color was not. It is strictly for fairer skin tones. For people like me, who have slightly dark complexion, it is a bad choice.


The texture is creamy but due to the frosty finish it appears a little dry when you apply it.


Talking about pigmentation, it was good. Within one swipe, you can get the color on your lips. But it is so shimmery and frosty that pigmentation doesn’t really have too much of importance in it.

Things I Liked About Street Wear Ultra Moist Lipstick Hot Ginger:

  • Simple and easy to use packaging
  • Easily affordable
  • Smooth to apply
  • Creative name

Things I Did Not Like About Street Wear Ultra Moist Hot Ginger:

  • The shade is not at all wearable.
  • Intense frosty finish makes it non wearable
  • Will only look good on fairer skin complexions
  • Looks dry on the lips
  • Looks extra shimmery in natural light
  • Too gaudy to wear

For me, this product has been a disappointment, mainly because of its color. I really wish that Street Wear does something to reduce the frosty finish and add more color to the lipstick.