10 Best Eyelash Curlers Available in India

Best Eyelash Curler India

Eyes are one of the most important parts of your facial beauty. Every girl wants to have the gorgeous fluttering eyelashes. To give that perfect curl to your eyelashes, eyelash curlers help you get that perfect shape so that you can make them ready for applying mascara. If you have just started collecting things for your makeup kit and you are not much aware about which eyelash curler to buy in India then this article brings an amazing range of eyelash curlers available in India which impart a perfect look and shape to your beautiful eyelashes.

Now let us have a quick look at the hot selling eyelash curlers for beautiful drama eyes.

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler

The Basicare Euro Eyelash curler is one of the best eyelash curlers available in Indian markets. It comes with a sturdy body with strong gripped handles for a comfortable grip. The shape of the plastic grip ensures complete control when you are for holding it. There is no discomfort in inserting your fingers. It comes with an easy fit which curl your eyelashes beautifully. What makes it different from others is that it comes with an extra pair of rubber pads which you can change when the ones of the openings of the eye lash curler worn out due to regular usage.

Vega Eyelash Curler

The Vega Eyelash Curler is one of the hottest selling eye lash curlers in India. It is available at the most reasonable price and comes with very basic metallic design. It is sturdy and offers a good grip. It is an ideal for the girls who are trying it for the very first time. It has a thin rubber band to ensure comfort of the eye lashes.

Faces Canada Eyelash Curler

The Faces Canada Eyelash Curler is another very popular brand in the markets. It is very simple to use and is available at quite reasonable prices. It has a sturdy body and comes with a plastic handle which ensures comfortable grip. The additional rubber pad with it makes it more desirable.

Konad Eyelash Curler

Konad Eyelash Curler is a beautiful looking curler. It is an ideal pick for those who are fond of makeup accessories in gorgeous pink color. The bright pink colored body comes with a white plastic handle which offers amazing grip. It ensures beautiful curls for your delicate eye lashes. It comes with an extra pair of rubber pads for replacement. It is available at decent prices.

Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler is a higher version of the basic one. It comes with a sturdy body with plastic handles. It offers good grip and great curls for perfect looking drama eyes. Though it is quite similar in its functioning but it is a better choice.

Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

The Colorbar eyelash curler is one of the newest additions to the list of best curlers in the market. It is a beautifully designed curler which comes with great functionality and exceptional comfort. The classy posh body in black and pink color comes with soft silicone pads which increase its quality and longevity. It is truly the best curler which promises gentle soft curls in one go. Though it is a little pricy but it is worth a purchase.

The Body Shop Eye Lash Curler

The Body Shop Eye Lash Curler is another very elegant and comfortable curler which comes in a sleek and stylish metallic design. The cushioned handles of the curler promise better grip and greater comfort so that you can enjoy gentle pressure without hurting your sensitive eye lashes.

Inglot BP Eyelash Curler

The Inglot BP eyelash curler is another distinguishing piece which earns highest points because of its elegant design. This plastic body curler comes in pure and elegant black color. It is very sleek and resembles a paper clip in its design. It comes with an additional pad provided as a replacement. Despite being a metallic body, it doesn’t have any kind of sharp edges which make it so easy to use without hurting your eyes.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

The Shiseido eyelash curler is surely one of the most expensive curlers in the market but it is definitely worth every penny you spent on it. It has a beautifully designed sturdy body which is designed to fit the contours of the eyes perfectly so that you can get gorgeously curled drama eye lashes. This comes with additional rubber pad as a replacement.

Elf Eye Lash Curler

Elf Eye Lash Curler has a beautiful curved designed body. It easily fits into the shape of your eye thereby allowing a perfect fit on your eye. It comes with silicone rubber pads which last longer than regular pads and apply gentle pressure without hurting your eyes. Enjoy gorgeous curls with complete ease and safety.

Choose from any of these eye lash curlers the most perfect and beautiful one to get those attractive eyes which you have always wanted.

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