6 Best Makeup Brushes Brand in India

Every women desires to have intense mysterious eyes, attractively painted lips, rosy cheeks and a gorgeous face whenever they step out of their house. Choosing the right makeup is always important but what makes the application of these different makeup articles is the perfect brush. Hence, it is important for every lady to have the finest makeup brushes added to your vanity kit to get that killing look which she craves for.

This article unfolds the list of the 6 best professional makeup brushes brands for vanity kits to help you get ready and look stunning. These brands have been offering the finest brushes designed to make your makeup moves easier and more rewarding. Let us explore these brands which have always helped you look glamorous and beautiful.


Oriflame makeup brushOriflame is a perfect choice of brand for brushes for women of all age. If you are a teenager and looking for a good brand to start learning those perfect strokes then start with makeup brushes by Oriflame. The brand is known for wide range of brushes for different purposes like blush lips, eye shadow application, foundation application etc. They come with a promise to last long and work as the best weapons to help you craft a beautiful look.


MAC makeup brush IndiaMAC is one of the most popular makeup brands in India and world. It not just offers finest range of makeup products but is also offers an enthralling range of brushes that promise a high level of performance. Designed with an aim to revolutionize personal makeup application, these brushes have been ergonomically designed for even and effortless application. They are lush, silky brushes made with synthetic fibers designed for a seamless application for a perfect face.

Inglot Makeup Brush Kit

Inglot Makeup Brush KitInglot is one of the most famous cosmetic product brands. It offers a vivacious range of professional makeup brushes to help you craft a desirable look every day. It is surely not a brand for masses as it is expensive. But it is surely a brand for those who know what it takes to look the best. Get that perfect look with the best brushes for lips, eyes and overall makeup and look simply gorgeous.


kent makeup brushKent is surely the best company for makeup brushes. The brand is popular in India and overseas for its wonderful range of handmade brushes that promise complete ease and expertise in applying makeup. It offers a vivacious range of brushes for all kinds of purposes to help you dress like a diva. Enjoy different techniques of application for makeup on eyes, face and lips with the finest range of products from Kent.

Porcelain Crocodile

Porcelain crocodile makeup brushPorcelain Crocodile brand has always been known for its durability and quality. This brand offers an amazing range of brushes to help you get that desirable look with complete ease and effectiveness. It promises to make you makeup magical by using the finest brushes for the right kind of application.


vega makeup brushVega is a popular name in Indian market. It offers a wide range of beautiful brushes which have been made using the quality synthetic fibers. Each promises ease of application and perfect performance to help you look like a star. These brushes come for all purposes and in various sizes to get the finest details in your look. Whether you want blending or application, the brand offers every kind.

These are some of the hottest selling makeup brushes in Indian market which have been offering the best brushes to wear help your makeup with style and elegance.