8 Best Eyeshadow Brands in India

Eyeshadow Brands in India

Which lady doesn’t desire expressive intense eyes. We all want to have smoky, shimmery and glamorous eyes which can beautify our complete look as eyes speak for your personality. Hence, having a perfect eyeshadow in your makeup kit is a must. Colorful eyes help you talk in a more fashionable and stylish manner. Though there is a vivacious range of wonderful brands offering beautiful eyeshadows that help your eyes do all the talking but this article helps you find just the perfect ones that give you drama eyes that you can wear to work and to parties.

Let’s have a look at the 8 most popular brands in town which can do wonders to your looks…..


We all have heard this name. Revlon is one of the best brands for makeup in India. It also has an amazing range of eyeshadows in a wide range of beautiful colors covering all kinds of color pallets to help you dress differently every day. Revlon High Intensity Eye Shadow palette Romantic Girl, Revlon ColorStay 12HR Eye Shadow Sandstorm, Revlon Illuminance Crème Eye Shadow are some of the most popular lines of eyeshadows offered by this amazing brand. From classy subtle shades to intense impressive colors, there is a big room to choose from.


It would be no exaggeration if we say that girls love MAC. MAC is rated as one of the best brands for eye shadows in India. Though it is expensive but it is worth every penny you invest. This is one of the most amazing cosmetic brands which is known for its quality. It promises great pigmentation for a beautiful look for your eyes. Every eye shadow offered by the brand stays long and comes in wide range of colors. The exciting eye shadow palette offered by MAC is an amazing 120 color professional palette for that intense look for every occasion.


Lakme is one of the hottest selling make up brands in India. It is a trustful brand by the famous TATA brand which is an essential part of every girl’s makeup kit. What makes it so popular is its low pricing and wonderful quality. The eyeshadows offered by the brand are completely safe for sensitive eyes. It offers a wonderful range of colors from elegant shades to bright colors along with the rarest of the colors that beautify your eyes with intense pigmentation.

Max Factor

Max Factor is another very popular brand in Indian market for cosmetics. It promises quality at best prices. It is not very expensive compared to MAC. The range of eye shadows offered by Max Factor comes with easy and smooth application. The color comes with great pigmentation and stays really long thereby giving perfect eyes for more hours. It is a famous brand in the country and is mostly preferred by young girls to pep up their eyes with stylish colors.


Maybelline has emerged as one of the favorite brands of women in India in past few years. It offers a vibrant range of eye shadows that help you get the beautiful drama looking eyes. The brand offers an amazing range of colors to choose from. These long wearing eye shadows come with good pigmentation and promise gorgeous looking eyes. Wear them for hours without having to worry about the look and impress everyone with expressive eyes.


Colorbar is another very popular brand in India as far as beauty cosmetics are concerned. It offers an amazing range of eye shadows which come in all possible colors. Easy to apply and long lasting shadows revamp the complete look of your eyes to help you get an intense and interesting look whenever you go out for parties or meetings. This is quite an affordable brand which promises good quality products which can be applied to sensitive eyes.

NYX Cosmetics

NYX is a trendy cosmetics brand from Los Angeles in US which is quite popular in India for its eyeshadows. The brand offers a vivacious collection of beautiful color palettes that help you get diva eyes for parties and outings. They are not just affordable but they are of finest quality. It has won many hearts in India with its enthralling range of eye shadows that help you dress exclusively for every occasion with a power to stay for hours.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the most popular brands in cosmetics which is loved by women in India and abroad. It is an expensive brand but every purchase is an investment for every girl. The brand provides all the basic color pigments that are needed by every girl for official and formal dresses. Enjoy highly expressive and intense eyes with the amazingly beautiful color palettes which promise glamorous eyes for every occasion.

Choose from any of these brands a color palette of your choice and wear a stylish look whenever you step out. Make your lids dressy and eyes expressive with beautiful colors.