Best Brands of Basmati Rice in India

Basmati Rice Brands In India

Rice has always been an important part of Indian cuisine. Biriyani, pulao, fried rice have always been enjoyed in meals. Though there are various variants which are available in the markets but Basmati Rice tops the chart. It is the premium quality of rice which never fails to impress your palette with its taste. The Indian markets are loaded with various local and international brands which offer impeccable basmati rice to make your meals tastier and richer.

Following are the top 8 most popular basmati rice brands which have won the maximum hearts in India with their enthralling aroma, texture and taste:

Lal Qilla

Lal Qilla basmati rice is the most popular basmati rice brand in India. It comes with a promise of great quality rice which is exotic and tasty. It is the leading manufacturer in Indian sub-continent which is famous all over the globe for its wonderful products. It offers an unforgettable combination of Indian tradition and taste. The finest basmati rice is cultivated in the soils of foothills of Himalayas which imparts it the unique flavor, aroma and texture. Each grain is long and slender which on cooking swells beautifully.

India Gate

India Gate is the most famous basmati rice brand in Indian markets. It is the brand marketed by KRBL Ltd. which is the first rice company of the country. It has been offering the best quality basmati by procuring the finely manufactured crop from farmers skilled in traditional farming and utilizing the latest technologies to pamper your taste buds with the beautiful tasting grains. India Gate is loved by the maximum number of consumers which makes it the top brand.


Dunar is another very well known basmati rice brand in India. Since 1956, it has been offering the finest rice to nourish your taste buds with its authentic and exclusive range. Its state-of-the-art units are located in Karnal, Bhopal, Amritsar and Rudrapur. It is one of the largest exporters of Indian Basmati Rice. The company uses the best facilities to produce the world class grains. It offers various varieties which include Traditional Basmati, 1121 Basmati, Pusa Basmati etc.

Double Diamond

Double Diamond basmati rice is a famous basmati rice brand by Golden Foods. They are one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of Indian and Pakistani food and non food products mainly in the Scandinavian region. There are various variants of Basmati rice offered by the company other than Double Diamond which include the following:

  • Double Zebra Basmati
  • Blue Diamond Sella Basmati
  • Sultan Basmati Rice
  • Kalra Sella Basmati Rice
  • Kalra Super Kernel Raw Basmati

Best Select Basmati Rice

Best Select Basmati Rice is known for its finest quality basmati rice. It is cultivated in the best suited soil which is available at the Himalayan foothills. The naturally cultivated grain is long and gives beautiful aroma on cooking. It tastes great and is wonderful for a wholesome meal. Each of the grain undergoes a testing procedure which makes it a high-quality produce. It also comes in a brown rice variant. It is the most unique and exotic rice brands in India.


Daawat basmati rice is a well known product offered by LT Foods Limited. The company has a strong network across 50 different countries across the world. It offers the different ranges of basmati rice to choose from. The brand promises finely cultivated long grains with mesmerizing aroma and taste. It is one of the most trusted basmati rice brands in India with exclusive offerings to customers in India and overseas.


Kohinoor basmati rice promises a beautiful range of basmati rice from the snow-fed valleys of the popular Himalayas and the fertile fields of Punjab. Every piece is nurtured and nourished to make it fit for your palettes. The brand promises quality products which are exported to different European countries along with Japan, Singapore etc. It has been impressing consumers from across India with its wonderful taste.


Hanuman basmati rice is a known producer and exporter of India which comes from the rich land of Punjab. It is a product of RS Rice Mills established in 1976 at Amritsar, Punjab. Since then it has been offering a wonderful variety of basmati rice in India and abroad. It is a highly trusted brand with unmatched taste and texture. The long length grains promise to pamper your taste buds with their amazing taste.

These are some of the best basmati rice brands in India which have been ruling the markets and hearts of the consumers since years. They are epitome of great taste and exceptional quality.

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