Best Dental Floss in India

Best Indian Dental FlossFlossing is an important aspect of oral care and maintaining dental hygiene. Even though this concept is not much popular in India, the market witnesses a few best dental floss brands. Dentists recommend flossing as it removes plaque even from most difficult areas such as between the teeth and under the gum line. It helps a great deal in preventing gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and other oral health related issues. It is mostly after dinner before going to sleep.

Here are the top 5 best dental floss brands famous in the Indian market.

1. Colgate Total Dental Floss

Colgate Total Dental FlossColgate Total Dental Floss is one of the best dental hygiene products in India. This product is shred proof and easily slides between the teeth and strengthens gum. It also helps fight dental plaque and also help in removing stuck food. It restricts the formation of tartar of calculus, is strong and resilient as well. It checks against tooth decay and related dental problem.

2. Trisa Dental Floss

Trisa Dental FlossTrisa Dental Floss is known for its unlimited shelf life. It is one of the top dental floss in India that is quite sensitive on the gums. It helps in the prevention of cavities, inflammations and related gum diseases. It also removes food debris and plaque with its waxed floss thread. The floss is mint flavored and comes in a round thread most ideal for sensitivity issue.

3. Oral-B Essential Floss Waxed Dental Floss

Oral-B Essential Floss Waxed Dental FlossOral-B Essential Floss Waxed Dental Floss is shred resistant. This healthy dental floss slides easily between teeth and below the gum. It removes plaque and other cavities and works as backup for brushing. It keeps your teeth healthy and strong and the wax coating makes it easy gliding.

4. Tepe Mini Flosser

Tepe Mini FlosserTepe mini flossser is another top dental floss available in the Indian market. They are highly effective towards cleaning narrow inter-dental spaces and help remove plaque and debris. It is quite easy to use with a comfortable grip that helps you gently insert the floss between teeth.  It is shred resistant and comes in a practical pocket case.

5. Glide Pro-Health For Life Smooth Mint Floss 35 Meters

Glide Pro-Health For Life Smooth Mint Floss 35 MetersOral-B Glide Pro-Health for Life Floss is another perfect dental floss brand in India. The thread is silky soft and shred resistant and defends against dental problems for all ages. It helps fight cavities and gently massage gums.

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