Best Hair Removal Cream for Indian Men

Men are becoming as fashion conscious as women today. They take special care of grooming and make sure no loopholes are left. As in the hair removal market in India, a few reliable brands have also come up for men to help remove unwanted hair from the chest, back, legs and arms. These are pain free cream that lasts for a longer time compared to shaving. These male hair removals are especially designed to meet the sensitivity of male hair and skin.

We present you a list of the top hair removal cream available for men in India. Have a look!

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel CreamVeet is one of the most reputed hair removal cream for men in India. The active ingredients present leave your skin smooth and hair free for long. This product help you remove unwanted body hair without any trace. It keeps your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. The easy rinse-off formula and the no prickly regrowth make this product a hit in the market. It has a gel based formula which makes it double effective compared to normal shaving.

Anne French Hair Removal Cream

Anne French Hair Removal CreamAnne French is another most popular men’s hair removal cream in India. It gives a soft and moisturized skin after application. The fragrance is soothing is pocket friendly and quite easy to use. It never let your body dry and removes dark patches post application. It keeps a check on hair re-growth and keeps your skin hairless for longer time. The only disadvantage is that the spatula which comes with it is not body friendly and may cause irritation.


Fem hair removal creamFem is one of the most popular hair removal brands for men in India. It has a very thick consistency and a special formulation that keeps your skin smooth. It is suitable for all skin types. It may also be used to remove hair on the pubic area. Fem is pocket friendly and is available with an easy to use and remove spatula. Moreover, the liquorice extract present prevents skin darkening.

Do check out the best hair removal cream for women in India. Our list is suitable for all skin types.

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