Best Honey Brands in India

Honey comes with amazing health benefits. It is a natural sweetener with wonderful effects on the system. It is a beautiful booster. There are various honey brands in India which are very popular and can be included in the regular diet to experience the impressive results. This article brings forward the most promising brands of honey which promise pure and healthy product to heal and strengthen your body. It is a finest food supplement for a fit and healthy living which makes your diet a lot healthier and tastier.

Here is the list of the top most honey brands in the country.

Dabur Honey

Top Dabur HoneyDabur Honey is one of the best and purest honey brands in India. It is sourced from the finest locations in the forests of Sunderbans and Himalayas. The company uses the most advanced technology to process the honey under strict quality measures. From purity to taste and impressive health benefits, this is surely the top selling brands in India. You can add it to your milk or breakfast and enjoy a nourished meal. It comes with a promise of health and fitness which nourishes you from within.


Baidyanath Honey brandBaidyanath Honey is another very popular brand in India for pure and healthy honey. It is not just a natural alternative to sugar but it is also an impressive food supplement that can be consumed in milk, milk shakes along with toast, almonds etc. It is also used as a source of carbohydrate during exercise along with a promise of fitness.

Beez Honey

Beez HoneyBeez India Natural Products offers the purest honey in variable packing sizes. It is an HACCP Company and is managed by highly professional personnel. It has the expertise of providing the world’s best honey which ranks high on purity and results. It is a world class supplier of natural honey all over the globe and surely one of the most trusted brands in India.

Himflora Gold Honey

Himflora Gold HoneyHimflora Gold honey is the first brand which came with a wonderful range of honeys in different natural floral varieties like White Kashmir Honey, Tangy Sunflower Honey, Delicious Litchi Honey. Each comes with a different flavor, color and taste. This makes up for a wonderful assortment. The brand extracts honey with a natural process which is free from pesticides and insecticides. It is surely a great way to start your day and make your exercising regimes more alluring.

Himalaya Forest Honey

Himalaya Forest HoneyHimalaya Forest honey promises pure and healthy honey from the forests situated far away from the polluted urban localities. The brand promises collection of pure honey in a natural manner keeping in mind the quality and hygiene standards. It is free from preservatives and sugar which makes it 100% fresh and natural. This is the most effective honey which is highly pure. This virgin honey is the best mantra for a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can enjoy it in your meals or use them for health related issues like cough, cold and skin allergies.

Hitkari Honey

Hitkari HoneyThough this is a lesser known honey brand in India but it is surely one of the richest and purest honeys in the Indian markets. Hitkari honey is free from antibiotics which it makes the best honey for consumption. The high quality standards of this brand make it the most promising brand amongst the consumers. You can use it in medicines and include it in your breakfast to stay fit and healthy.

This was the list of the best honey brands in India which have been ruling the Indian markets with their promise of purity and quality. Enjoy a teaspoon full of honey in your milk or add it to your cereals, corn flakes and toasts to mark a healthy start of the day. You can select any of the brands mentioned above and enjoy the benefits of this amazing food supplement.

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