Best Pregnancy Test Kit Available in India

The important of early pregnancy detection test kit is known to all. They help the women detect whether they are pregnant or not without having to visit the doctor within few minutes. Becoming a mother is the biggest happiness for any woman and she is always curious to know about it. She wants to confirm whether she is pregnant before visiting the doctor as she is so excited to share this good news with her husband. And these pregnancy test kits are also helpful when you are not planning a baby and protection has failed or you have forgotten to take pills. The quick results of the pregnancy kits help you know the clear status and be relaxed.

Though markets are filled with pregnancy kits but the articles brings you the list of best pregnancy kits in India which are known for their accurate results. Read about these different kits by different brands which help you in the times of anxiety to unfold the mystery within no time.

Prega News

prega news pregnancy test kitThis is the most popular pregnancy test kit which only takes 5 minutes to give you the results. All you need to do is add 3 drops of urine in the pregnancy tester and get the result within no time. There are chances that the test may result into a negative result when you are pregnant. So to make sure that you are pregnant, do re-test after a week’s time if your periods don’t start.

The MRP of the Prega News Pregnancy kit is Rs.120.


clearview pregnancy test kitThis is another testing kit which provides reliable results in only 3 minutes. It works by detecting hCG in urine which is the hormone produced during pregnancy. This test is sensitive to 25mlU/ml. This test has an inbuilt procedure which confirms the correctness of the results thereby making you sure of your status without going out of the house.

The MRP of the Clearview Pregnancy kit is Rs.50.

HLL Pregnancy Test Kit

HLL Pregnancy Test KitIt also detects pregnancy by assessing the levels of hCG in urine. It is a very simple test which requires you to hold the device directly into the urine stream to know the results. It is able to detect pregnancy even if the hCG levels are as low as 20mlU.

The MRP of the HLL Pregnancy Test Kit is Rs.50.


velocit pregnancy test kitThis pregnancy kit also works on hCG in urine. You can try this product for knowing if you are pregnant or not on the very first day of missing your periods. But you must perform the re-test after 72 hours in case the test results are negative in the first time.

Homecheck Instant In-Stream Pregnancy Test

Homecheck Instant In-Stream Pregnancy TestIt is yet another one-step pregnancy test. Approved by FDA, this is a perfect home-use test to detect pregnancy which works on detecting the pregnancy hormone levels in urine. This test gives 99% accurate results.

The MRP of the Homecheck Instant In-Stream Pregnancy Test is Rs.150.

I-can Pregnancy kit

I-can Pregnancy test kitThis is another very effective pregnancy kit which confirms pregnancy in 5 minutes. Use 3 drops of early morning urine to test pregnancy within no time. It detects hCG levels in urine thereby giving accurate results.

The MRP of the ican Pregnancy kit is Rs.50.

These are the different pregnancy kits available in India which can be used for easy detection of pregnancy sitting at home. Now you can easily deal with anxiety and excitement, tension and nervousness which you encounter after a romantic night. Now stay at ease with these must haves pregnancy kits which you must always keep in your bathroom cupboard to know what is the status.

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