Best Tongue Cleaner in India

Tongue cleaner is a part of the oral hygiene. It is just the right doctor’s recommended way to get rid of bacterial build-up, food debris, gunk, dead cells etc. that gets precipitated on the surface of the tongue. Scientifically speaking, decaying bacteria produce volatile sulphur compounds on the rear of the tongue and is responsible for halitosis or bad breath. This health conscious product safely cleans and allows active ingredients of the toothpaste to simply kill all the bacteria and eradicate oral problems such as bad breath, gum disease, and cavities.

Here are the best tongue cleaner brands available in the Indian market.

1. Trisa Tongue Cleaner Double Action

trisa-tongue-cleanerTrisa Tongue Cleaner Double Action is one of the best tongues cleaner in the market. This is approved by dentists and keeps the mouth clean and free from germs all day long. The solid scraper is there to remove plague from the tongue.


  • Scientifically developed oral care product
  • Removes plaque and eradicate oral problems
  • Gently cleans tongue
  • Is healthy and keep the mouth germ free

2. Tepe Tongue Cleaner Blister

Tepe Tongue Cleaner BlisterTepe Tongue Cleaner Blister is another hygienic tongue cleaner available in India. It takes care of improving the oral hygiene and is quite natural, safe and easy to use. Ingredient used is environmental friendly polypropylene to keep the mouth free of germs.


  • Help get rid of bacterial build-up on the tongue
  • Doctor and dentist recommended
  • Natural and easy to use
  • Environmental friendly polypropylene

3. Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Tongue CleanerCopper Tongue Scraper Cleaner is a high dentist recommended hygienic tongue cleaner available in India. The tongue cleaning process improves digestion and helps reduce dental plaque. It also massages taste buds and improves your sensitivity towards taste.


  • Remove food debris coating from the tongue
  • Doctor and dentist recommended
  • Reduction of dental plaque
  • Improves taste buds and cure bad breath

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