Choosing the Best Massage Oil for Healthy Skin

Massage Oil

Oils are the best source of refreshment and keeps skin glowing. In today’s busy life we forget to take proper care of our body. Massaging of body with precious oils is the way to pamper your skin and give a refreshing skin treatment. There are various kinds of massaging oils are available in the market like jasmine oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc. you can take massage in nearest beauty spa parlors in your area. Massage oils are beneficiary element for your body and mind. It gives you soothing experience and refreshes your mind.

Take a look at these top 10 best massage oils to get refreshing and rejoicing experience:

Almond oil

Almond oil is made by extracting oil from almond. Almond oil is best for massaging and skin treatment. It gives you glowing skin and refreshes your mind and body. It has medicinal properties for skin treatment and good as moisturizer.

It is available in market by different herbal brands. It is also used in cosmetics like soap, herbal creams, and facial products.

Jasmine oil

The oil is used in aromatherapy message treatment. It treats the dry, brittle and dehydrated skin.

It is beneficial for your brain system. The oil is used to cure menopause, stress, depression, anxiety, and cramps during menstruation cycle, etc. It is available in market by popular herbal product brands.

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Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil has valuable stress relieving properties. It is helpful in curing depression, insomnia by aromatherapy message treatment. It gives great fragrance when you use it as massaging oil.

It also heals aching muscles, acne, bugs & bacteria, cuts & wounds, eczema, giddy spells, faintness or palpitations etc. Plus you will feel refreshed by its soothing fragrance.

Apricot oil

The main element of this oil is vitamin E. it will directly get into your body when it’s massaged and do not give ant greasy feeling.

It contains nutritional values and it is used in skin creams, beauty soaps and other cosmetic products. The oil can be massaged for reducing wrinkles and revitalize the dull skin.

Grape-seed oil

The oil has multiple medicinal properties such as moisturizing, anti-allergic, etc. It is used in various cosmetic items. It is a great source of linoleic acid which is a beneficiary element for your skin. It nourishes your skin and gives a shimmering touch to your derma. It can also be used as an alternative for shaving cream.

It is available in affordable prices by various brands in the market.

Avocado oil

The oil is basically used for dull and rough skin. It hydrates the skin properly which moistures the skin. It contains different nutritional values for your skin.

It is made for the people with sensitive skin. It is a great source of sterol in acid which gives you spotless skin.

Eucalyptus oil

The oil contains valuable health ingredients which makes beautiful and attractive skin. It removes scars, wound marks, cuts because of its sanitizing properties. It is a great source of massage oil for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Eucalyptus oil is analgesic, antibacterial, anticatarrhal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, insecticidal and expectorant.

Olive oil

The oil contains various health benefits such as treatment of breast cancer, weight loss, arthritis, digestion and many more. It has multiple medicinal properties and used in cosmetic items also.

It helps to cure blood pressure and has antioxidant properties. There are different types of olive oil like pure olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. These are available in market easily.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is made from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is used in cosmetics and shampoos for protein value. The oil has properties to fight with stubborn bacteria. This is also used in various skin treatments like aromatherapy and muscle relaxation.

The oil also adds luster to your hair. Use it on frizzy hair as it acts as moisturizer and help you get rid of dry scalp and flakes.

Fractionated coconut oil

Fractioned coconut oil is light and non-greasy oil than an ordinary coconut oil. It is best for massaging to small children.

It is easily available in market in low price and it is pocket friendly. It’s a great source of stress relief and weight loss.

Above are the best essential massage oils for refreshment and skin treatment, you can try these oils at your home or you can try take a massage from a professional therapists for a special treatment. It will prove your health and you will feel better with yourself.

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