Health Benefits and Uses of Palmarosa Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Palma Rosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa oil comes with most amazing benefits for health and skin. It is a member of Graminaceae grass family. It has quite a similar aroma as that of rose. It has a beautiful effect on mind as it helps in pacifying it. It comes with wonderful moisturizing properties. This oil belongs to the sub-tropical regions of India.

The Palmarosa essential oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation. The dried grassy leaves of the plant are used for the process which is harvested much before flowering. It is known to be amazing oil for all skin types. It is known to be an antiseptic and anti-depressive. It is very supportive of cell regulation and cellular stimulation.

Health Benefits of Palma rosa Essential Oil

  • Antiviral

It is very important to keep your skin free from bacteria and viruses. This oil is extremely helpful in inhibiting the duplication of virus. It is also very much helpful in eliminating it from your skin thereby making it look healthier and clearer.

  • Febrifuge

This is another amazing health benefit of Palmarosa essential oil. It is very much effective in reducing fever. It comes with wonderful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Thus it helps in addressing the cause of fever and curing it thereby making you feel healthier.

  • Hydrating

Palmarosa essential oil is very effective in retaining the moisture in the tissues thereby keeping your system hydrated for long. It easily maintains the moisture balance of the body. It relieves your system of inflammation and various other symptoms of dehydration. Hence, it is considered to be very healthy for skin. It promises younger looking deeply moisturized skin to all.

  • Antiseptic

If you have an injury or a wound then this oil is one of the best antiseptic essential oils which don’t let your wound attract any kinds of infections when you leave it open or unprotected. It is considered to be gifted with wonderful antiseptic properties which help your wounds stay free from all kinds of infections.

  • Treating Wounds and Rashes

This oil has always been known for its amazing skin benefits. Its aromatic properties and antiseptic properties make it very effective in wounds, cuts, rashes, burns and various other skin infections and problems. It is known to guard the skin for bacterial actions thereby making it free from all kinds of problems.

  • Calming and Soothing the Mind

The aroma of palma rosa oil is gentle and pleasing. It calms the body and mind by instantly providing the comfort and ease. You can add a few drops of this amazing oil to the air freshener and experience the amazing feeling of contentment and relaxation. It is also very effective in controlling negative emotions and thoughts thereby making your mind feel stabilized and controlled. It is also very effective in conditions like insomnia.

  • Digestive

This oil is also considered very helpful in the process of digestion. By stimulating the secretion of digestive juices into the stomach, this wonderful oil strengthens the process of digestion. It is also very supportive of other related processes which include better absorption of nutrients from food. This essential oil acts beautifully on digestive system thereby making it more effective.

  • Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits include the uses of this oil in aromatherapy. It is known to relax and rejuvenate the muscles and nerves. This makes it very effective in problems like depression, anger, anxiety and other kinds of mental instability. It soothes the mind and pacifies it so that you can think and act in a better manner.

Uses of Palma Rosa Oil

Palma Rosa oil has been in use since the historic times. Because of its rose like aroma, it has been used since long as a beautiful substitute to the original rose oil. It was also used in making incense sticks in India. These sticks were traded to Persia all the way from India. It was also used in controlling high fevers and for aromatherapy. It was used for treating various pain related problems like nerve pain, rheumatism and other problems.

These were some of the wonderful health benefits and uses of Palma Rosa oil which make it so popular and desirable. Using such an amazing essential oil keeps your mind fresh and system healthy.