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Best Hair Growth Oil India

Hair can enhance your beauty. Various methods are used to make hair beautiful, long and healthy. The most often method used is oiling. Oiling massages your scalp and circulates blood flow in your hair tissues, making them stronger. Massaging not only relaxes you but removes many hair problems like dandruff, hair loss and hair dryness. Even though many argue that hair oil makes scalp greasy and invites dust to settle, experts say that using the best suited hair oils can do the job of your leave-in conditioner, styling cream, shine spray and serum. Do oiling regularly and leave your styling products forever.

Following are the best available hair oil brands in Indian market that will make your hair shiny and healthy.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair OilDabur Amla hair oil is one of the best and topmost selling hair oil in India. This is effective in reduces hair fall and making hair healthy and glossy. This oil contains amla extracts also known as Indian gooseberry which are famous for its hair strengthening properties even in Ayurveda .  This oil uses bollywood celebrities in its ads and caters to need of 35 million consumers.

Marico Parachute Hair Oil

Marico Parachute Hair OilIt is coconut hair oil, and most trusted hair oil in India. It is manufactured from choicest coconuts and produced with utmost clarity.  Although it is sticky and freezes in winter, it is used for massaging and oil therapy and provides ample nourishment to hair. Regular usage of this hair oil cures frizzy hair, hair loss, split ends and you have no need to use other cosmetic products for your hair. It is also very cost effective.

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oilProduced by Bajaj Corps Ltd. this oil leads the almond hair oil market. It is rich in vitamin E as it is produced from real almond extracts and nourishes your hair thoroughly. It is non sticky and does not leaves your hair greasy as is case with many vegetable oils. It gets absorbed thoroughly, leaving your hair smooth and youthful.

Dove Elixir Hair oil

Dove Elixir Hair oilDove has introduced its hair oil range under the name of Elixir.  Its three variants are Nourishing Shine, Hairfall Rescue and Dryness Care. It is time efficient as you don’t have to do overnight oiling. These oils claim to give your hair magical luminosity and treat all your hair ailments. These are made from natural extracts which treat germs and bacteria which cause hair and scalp problems. Choose your best suited hair oil and visibly notice the changes. The oil with nourish each fiber and give you healthy, non sticky hair. Although slightly costly, Dove Elixir has made its place and is now quite popular among youth.

Himani Navratna Hair oil

Himani Navratna Hair oilIt is manufactured by Emami and one of its own kinds in Indian hair oil market, it is advertised as cooling hair oil and this has lead to increased sales. It has traditional cooling formula which removes stress and provides relief from various har ailments like hair loss, scalp dandruff etc. this oil holds almost 50% of cooling hair oil market in India.

Nihar Shanti Amla Oil

Nihar Shanti Amla OilA strong competitor of Dabur Amla, Nihar Shanti has been able to carve out a its place in hair oil industry. This oil has both coconut oil and fenugreek extracts.  With its natural ingredients, it leaves your hair vibrant and nourished. Also it is cheap on your pocket, go for this hair oil if you like to massage and overnight oiling.

Hair and Care Oil

Hair and Care OilThis is non sticky oil, which claims to have herbal ingredients and nourishes your hair for upto 48 hours. It is helpful for dry and unruly hair and manages them. This can be used daily, and it leaves sweet fragrance in hair. Hair become smooth and shiny therefore there is no need to use serum. Also it is cheaper and works on colored hair too. Only drawback is non sticky oils cannot be used for massaging purposes.

Marico Parachute Hair Oil

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