List of Top 10 Best Spas in Chennai

Best Spas In Chennai

Spas are surely the best ways to relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul. It is the most amazing way of detaching from the stresses of life and pampering your body. Chennai has a long list of spas that help you relax your body. Some of the best spas offer a wide spectrum of ayurvedic full body massages, head massages, foot massages and facials that open up your pores and infuse your body with lots of energy by nourishing every square inch of your body.

The article presents you with the list of top ten most famous and wonderful spas in Chennai which are known for their spectacular services. Browse through the list of spas that help you rejuvenate and refresh from within. Take a break from work and book an appointment with these wonderful spas.

Aura Spa

aura spa in Chennai

This amazing spa in Chennai belongs to The Park Hotel franchise. The spa promises to take you through a heavenly journey of therapies and massages to pamper your body. The meditation techniques help your mind relax and body breathe with ease. Situated on the 9th floor of the hotel, it offers a mesmerizing view from the top along with a modern gymnasium, sauna and steam chambers etc.

The Prana Spa

The Prana Spa chennai

The Prana Spa at Kohinoor Asiana Hotel is a beautiful Thai spa which is divine place to relax in the environment of tranquility and healing. The specialist therapists offer world-class therapies using the natural ingredients like herbs, plants and natural spices to provide a rejuvenating experience away from pollution, stress and tensions.

Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa

Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa chennai

It is a famous spa in Chennai which is known for its high-class hospitality and services. It is the pioneer in foot reflexology services along with effective massage techniques to make you feel relaxed. It is a Singapore based spa which has been offering its wonderful massage therapies to help you rejuvenate your senses.

Spa Influence

Best Spa Influence chennai

Spa Influence is a chain of world spas based in Chennai. It is managed and owned by Influence Spa & Wellness Private Limited. It has an ideal ambiance of an international spa. The trained staff promises a wonderful experience which consists of great therapies and ambiance is adjusted according to your mood with the customized light settings.

Oryza Day Spa

Oryza Day Spa chennai

It is beautiful center with amazing rejuvenation therapies and massages. They have the specialized staff to ensure complete a harmonious relationship between your body, mind and soul. They offer a range of customized treatments specific to the requirement of your skin. It is a completely refreshing experience where your body and mind feels nourished and pampered.

Viana Spa

Viana Spa and hotel chennai

Spa Viana is a luxurious spa at Taj Fisherman’s Cove. It is located at one of the most exotic locations and provides the holistic healing therapies in Ayurveda. It blends certain techniques of Western countries to create more enhanced therapies. Gym, salon and swimming pool are also a highlight at this amazing spa which help you relax in every possible manner.

ESPA, The Leela Palace Spa

ESPA, The Leela Palace Spa

It is a divine spa which is an amazing blend of comfortable and stylish spa rooms where you can enjoy a rejuvenating experience through massages and therapies with advanced rejuvenating techniques. Beautiful wooden furnishings and relaxing therapies make it an ideal destination for a soothing experience away from the stressed lifestyle.

Orchid Thai Spa

Orchid Thai Spa chennai

Located at Hotel Green Park, this thai spa caters to the individualistic needs of every visitor. The highly trained and experienced staff at the spa aims at providing the rich and reinvigorating experience to every person by keeping in mind their specific needs and requirements. It is truly a beautiful place to relax and feel your body, mind and soul align.

The Raintree Hotel Spa

The Raintree Hotel Spa

It is an eco-sensitive business hotel where you can enjoy healthy and relaxing massage sessions to take a break from your meetings and conferences. The spa offers a wide range of Ayurvedic massages which aim at holistic relaxation of your body, mind and soul. You can also enjoy a dip at the beautiful swimming pool and exciting body baths and feel pampered.

Care & Cure AromaTherapeutic Spa

Care & Cure AromaTherapeutic Spa chennai

The well-trained staff and amazing ambiance makes it a wonderful spa which offers a completely enjoyable and relaxed experience with different kinds of massages. From interiors to services, everything makes you feel pampered and pleasant. It is surely a great place to take a break from routine life and enjoy a mesmerizing massage session.

So if you were looking for different interesting spas to enjoy a healthy and relaxing massage session, follow this list of top 10 best spas in Chennai and gear up to enjoy a rejuvenating massage experience at any of these wonderful spas.