Most Comfortable Sanitary Napkins in India

Sanitary napkins form a part and parcel of every woman during menstrual period to control the flow with convenience. They come in various sizes and designs. Plus they are hygienic, cheaper and easier to use compared to tampons. The Indian market is also full of best comfortable sanitary napkin brands to allow comfortable and dry period without leakage and stains. Most gynecologists suggest pure cotton sanitary pad with active air circulation to prevent rashes. Pads are many in the market from maxi, regular, napkins with side walls, napkins with wings to extra-large napkins.

Find below the most accepted and selling sanitary napkins available in India. Have a look:

1. Stayfree Sanitary Pads

Stayfree Sanitary PadsStayfree is one of the most trusted and comfortable sanitary napkins used by women in India. It is comfortable with Anti leak gel based system that offers odor control and super dryness. The packaging is easy to carry and dispose.

Various sub categories of this sanitary pad includes: Advanced Ultra Thin, Dry Max Ultra Thin All Night, Secure Dry WINGS, Secure Dry ULTRA THIN, Secure Dry Ultra- Dry, Secure Cottony Soft etc.

2. Whisper Sanitary Napkin

Whisper Sanitary NapkinsWhisper is another highly marketed sanitary napkin brands in India. It is odor free and soaks maximum flow. It is easy to use and is quite comfortable and provides protection against staining. It absorbs heavy flow and locks in wetness without making a mess.

Few of the products include Maxi, Ultra, Maxi with Wings, XL Wings Overnights, Ultra Clean XL Wings etc. They prevent side flow and keep you carefree all day long.

3. Kotex Sanitary Napkin

top Kotex Sanitary NapkinsKotex contains a micro max core technology to offer maximum protection by allowing extra absorption. They prevent leakage and keep you fresh and dry during those days. It has soft, cottony side barriers and tru-fit wings to keep pad in place.

They are available in categories such as sanitary napkins / pads, panty liners and tampons. Different sizes include Thin, Regular, Regular with Wings, Ultra Compact Regular with Wings, Individually Wrapped Long, and Ultra Thin Long with Wings etc.

4. Carefree Sanitary Napkin

Carefree Sanitary NapkinsCarefree Sanitary Napkins offer four wall protection and the clean quilt technology pulls fluid away from the body keeping it odor free. It actively controls vaginal discharge, end-of-the-period spotting and slight stress incontinence. A product of Johnson and Johnson, it ensures hygiene and protects against leakage and staining.

It contains no cotton and remains discreet. It is available as carefree breathable, modess carefree sanitary napkins, and carefree panty liners.

5. Sofy Side Walls Sanitary Napkin

Sofy Side Walls Sanitary NapkinSofy Side Walls Sanitary Napkin is a highly marketed pad for women in India. It easily fits and absorbs fluid quickly.  It has a wider standing protection that protects side flows. It maintains the required hygiene by keeps you soft dry and comfortable. The super dry net sheet keeps you fresh throughout the day.

They are available in ranges such as large, extra large, regular etc. It is also popular for its Super Absorbent Core with Gel that has the ability to absorb heavy flow and is gentle on the skin.

6. She Comfort Napkins

She Comfort NapkinsShe Comfort Napkin is quite new in the Indian market however, it has gained popularity in such a short notice. The pads are comfortable to use and remain dry for a long time. It absorbs heaviest flow very quickly and helps you maintain the required hygiene every month.

It is available in various sixes such as She Comfort Ultra, She Comfort Maxi, She Comfort Select, She comfort Maternity pads and many for you to choose as per your demand.

7. Don’t Worry Sanitary Pads

Don't Worry Sanitary PadsDon’t Worry Sanitary Pads is another best seller napkins for women available in India. The dry weave top sheet available is designed for maximum dryness and extra protection during heavy flow. It has a specially designed bottom surface and wide wings to protect side leakage.

It is available in various ranges and sizes like ultra thin and night time protection. The extra gumming is for a tighter hold so that it does not slip while sleeping.

8. Bella Sanitary Napkins

Bella best Sanitary NapkinsBella Sanitary Napkins is breathable and comes in different sizes. The air flow technology protects skin against rashes and the v shape holes and channels neutralize the odor. The super absorbent core on the other hand maximizes absorbency and increases your comfort level.

It is available in different sizes such as 240 mm and 280 mm. It is odor free and soaks maximum flow. It is easy to use and is quite comfortable and provides protection against staining

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