Most Popular Health Drinks Brands in India

Health drinks are planned food as they function as nutrition supplement to the body. It is mainly fed to the growing kids to help increase concentration and sharper mind. Health drinks are usually available in powdered form. The main ingredients include powdered milk, powdered grains, malt, sugar, flavor and some essential vitamins and minerals to take special care of your child’s growing intellect with age. The Indian market is also full of top notch health drinks brands recommended by mothers in the country.

Here is a list of the top 5 best health drinks brands available in India. Have a look!

1. Horlicks Health Drink

Horlicks Health Drink ‘Taller, Stronger, Sharper’ as the bottle says it, Horlicks is one of the best energy drink brand in India. It is a blend of essential nutrients, vitamins like C, W, B6, folic acid etc. This complete energy drink serves as treat to your kid’s taste buds and comes in different flavors.


  • Nutritional drink made from wheat, milk and malted barley
  • Restore and manage lost energy in the body
  • Can be enjoyed frothy, steamy or as chilled
  • Vitamin C, W, B6 and folic acid content

2. Complan for Growth

complan health drink Complan is another nutritional health drink brand in India. Rich in iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, E and C this energy drink help build stronger immune system. It can be served both as hot beverage or cold smoothie.


  • Milk based nutritional health beverage
  • 34 vital nutrients build strong and healthy immune system
  • Maximizes child’s growth potential
  • Beautiful aroma to treat taste buds

3. Cadbury Bournvita

Cadbury BournvitaCadbury Bournvita is another malt based energy health drink in India. It has all the essential nutrients like Vitamin D, C and calcium. Other ingredients include malt extract, sugar, milk solids, caramel and cocoa solids. This best nutrition drink prepare your kid both mentally and physically.


  • Vitamin D content absorb milk calcium
  • Provides all essential nutrients to your growing kid
  • 100% Veg with malt extract and cocoa solids
  • Chocolate flavor pleases the taste bud

4. Boost

Boost health DrinkBoost is a delicious health energy drink brand marketed in India. Boost boasts of augmented stamina, stronger bones, improved growth and sharper IQ in kids. It too can be served both as hot and cold beverage. The drink is a storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for child growth.


  • Increases stamina and sharper IQ
  • Vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal growth
  • Chocolate flavor pleases the taste bud
  • Maximizes child’s growth potential

5. Nestle Milo

Nestle Milo health DrinkNestle Milo is one of the most popular heath drinks in India. It readily boosts the calcium in milk by 70% and thereby increases your kid’s dietary intake. Other active ingredients include B vitamins (B1 and B2), Vitamin C, A for healthy brain and nervous system.


  • Strengthen bone and assists in iron absorption
  • Better eyesight with enough vitamins
  • Goodness of malted barley and rich carbohydrates
  • Energy source for the brain and muscles

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