Top 10 Best Acne and Pimple Creams in India

Indian Acne and Pimple Creams

Acne and pimple are two most common skin problems, especially in the age of puberty. The secretion of oil leads to frequent pimples and acnes which leave your skin with marks and scars. These need attention and long term treatment for a clean and clear skin. There are various kinds of creams available in Indian market which promises pimple and acne free skin. This article brings to you the list of top 10 creams for skin which is free from these common skin problems.

1. Acnovin Cream for Acne and Pimples

Acnovin cream comes with the richness of Kumkumadi Tailum, turmeric and neem. All of these natural ingredients are antiseptic in nature and are very effective in preventing your skin from pimples and reducing scars and blemishes. It is one of the most popular and effective creams in India which promises clear skin with radiance by helping you big adieu to pimples and their marks.

2. Avene Diacneal Treatment Care

Avene Diacneal is another known cream for getting rid of pimples and acnes. It works amazingly well in treating the present skin issues along with preventing further breakouts. This is an impressive medicinal formulation which acts beautifully in treating tough pimples and acnes.

3. Rosacnil Gel

Rosacnil Gel comes with the cooling effects of cucumber, aloe vera, sandalwood along with richness of orange peel, neem, sulphur and honey in a gel base. Sulphur is the most effective ingredient in treating pimples. It dries pimples without leaving any marks on the skin. This is another very impressive gel based cream available in Indian markets which is surely the best way to deal with skin problems.

4. Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple Cream

Himalaya Herbals is a promising Ayurvedic brand in India. This Acne-n-Pimple cream is beautifully effective on mild pimples. It comes with natural ingredients like tentils, alum, aloe vera, nirgundi and silk cotton tree which are mixed in a great combination to make your skin clean without leaving a pimple mark. This cream is surely worth a try to get rid of pimples.

5. Retinol-A Cream

Retinol-A is a widely used cream for acnes, pimples and their dark marks. It is an amazing cream which promises amazing results by providing spot treatment for cystic acne. It even has the power to suppress a cyst even when it is under the skin. It is a popular cream in India which cleans your skin and prevents it from further outbreaks.

6. Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Cream

This is another very famous cream from Himalaya Herbals for acne. It comes with zinc along with natural herbs like aloe, Matsyakshi, Tankana and Manjishtha. All these herbs are very good for skin. Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Cream is very helpful in curing pustule pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. You can feel great change in your skin after using this impressive formulation for a week.

7. Erythromycin Tropical Gel

Erythromycin Tropical Gel is a Benzoyl peroxide cream. It is one of the best creams in India for effective actions on acne bacteria. It reduces the growth of bacteria on the skin in short duration. It is a water based geld which is highly effective in mild to moderate acnes and pimples. Use it regularly to experience acnes vanishing from your face in short time.

8. Vicco Turmeric WSO Cream

Vicco Turmeric is surely the oldest and most famous acne and pimple herbal cream in India. Vicco Turmeric WSO cream is a newer version which doesn’t contain sandalwood oil. The main content in the cream is turmeric which is the best healing antiseptic for skin. It keeps skin from bacterial growth thereby working really well on acne and pimple prone skin. It can be used by anyone and everyone.

9. Nomarks Cream For Oily Skin Prone to Pimples

Nomarks Cream is another very effective formulation which contains the goodness of herbs. It is a known formulation in Indian markets. It contains Indian gooseberry, lemon, rose, aloe, mint, white tea tree oil etc. which together give a soothing and cooling effect to your skin. The white tea tree oil is a wonderful antiseptic which helps in reducing future breakouts. The presence of lemon helps in quick fading of marks.

10. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Anti-Pimple & Acne Gel

Lotus Herbals anti pimple and acne gel consists mainly of tea tree oil listed which keeps your skin free form pimples because of its amazing antiseptic effect. It moisturizes your skin and takes good care of mild pimples. It is a good try for those who are looking for a healthy and mild cream to fight with the skin problems.

All of these creams are a hit in the Indian markets. They have impressed users for years with their effective actions on pimples, acnes and their tough marks. Use any of these products as per your need and choice and say goodbye to skin troubles.

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