Top 10 Best Biotique Products In India

Biotique is one of the most popular Indian brand which offers a wide range of skin care and hair care products. These products are prepared using natural ingredients and Ayurvedic formulations to ensure a healthy skin and hair care cosmetic. This article focuses of the list of best Biotique products in India which have done wonders. These 10 products make your hair and skin more beautiful and healthier. Know what these products are….

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Lightening Foaming Cleanser

This is an amazing product which comes with effective cleansing properties that leave your skin with a glow. There are no harsh chemicals and caustics. Hence, your skin doesn’t lose its natural essential oils. It is a gel based face wash which contains extracts of herbs along with pure honey and Himalayan water. You can use it to lighten your complexion, cleaning your skin from dirt and enjoy a smoother and happier skin.

Key Features

  • Helpful in skin cleansing.
  • Adds glow to skin.
  • Helpful in lightening complexion.
  • Free from caustics.
  • Gives a smooth feel to skin.

Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Fresh Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil

Bhrangraj is a very popular herb which nurtures and nourishes your hair. This therapeutic oil has the goodness and richness of this amazing herb which promises to increase hair growth, add a natural black shade to your locks and imparts strength to your roots thereby catering to all the needs of your hair. This is a one-stop solution for all hair problems. This oil has the extracts of fresh Bhrangraj leaves that make it so effective.

Key Features

  • Helpful in hairfall.
  • Enriched with pure Bhringraj extracts.
  • Imparts strength to hair strands.
  • Helps in fresh hair growth.
  • Adds black color to hair.

Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing & Revitalizing Scrub

This is one of the most popular products in India from Biotique which is good for exfoliation. It is an ideal combination of pure papaya with various natural ingredients like neem, beeswax, banana, mango seed, date palm, Himalayan water etc. which synergize to impart a smooth texture to your skin. Enjoy deep clean skin pores with cleansing of dead cells from your skin and get a completely new facial skin.

Key Features

  • Removes dead hard and flaky skin.
  • Cleans pores of skin for better breathing.
  • Adds natural glow to skin.
  • Makes you look young.
  • Increase blood circulation on your facial skin.

Biotique Bio Flame of The Forest Fresh Shine Hair Oil

It is an ideal product for adding natural shine to your hair. It is a well known product from this nature-centric brand which promises healthy hair. Create your effective and affordable hair spa using this wonderful nourishment for your hair. It works well for all hair types and contains the extracts of hibiscus which improves hair growth. Say good-bye to hairfall, dandruff and hair damages with this effective product which promises healthy locks.

Key Features

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Adds shine and volume to your hair.
  • Helpful in problems like dandruff, hairfall etc.
  • Strengthens roots.
  • Can be used by men and women.
  • Good for all skin types.

Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Firming Face & Body Cream

It is one of the most popular product which is a great combination for men and women in their 30s. Enjoy a perfectly toned skin which is enriched with vitamin E, B, A and D along with various natural ingredients that nourish your skin. It imparts a smooth feel to your skin and also prevents premature ageing. It increases the collagen and elasticity of your skin. It is a good combination to deal with wrinkles and look young.

Key Features

  • Prevents premature ageing.
  • Good for maintaining tone and elasticity of skin.
  • Prevents wrinkles.
  • Can be used by men and women.
  • It is the best combination for dry skin.
  • It is an antiseptic and nourishing lotion.

Biotique Bio Almond Soothing Nourishing Under Eye Cream

It is an effective combination which helps you beautify your eyes by making them look young. It reduces the dark under eye circles and puffiness in a natural way. It reduces the fine lines of the dark circles and helps in improving the complexion. It contains oils of natural ingredients like sunflower, almond, quince seeds and nutmeg which together nourish the delicate skin by increasing the brightness and glow.

Key Features

  • Reduces dark circles and fine lines.
  • Adds glow to the skin.
  • Reduces puffiness.

Biotique Bio Costus Stress Relief Foot Massage Cream

It is the best foot massage cream that helps your feet relax and feel pampered. Use it once a week to nourish your rough heels and massage it well to sooth your tired feet. It is made with the natural extracts of Costus roots which improve the blood circulation and keep your feet beautiful and healthy.

Key Features

  • Enriched with Costus Root Extract
  • Softens Hard and Weather-roughened Heels
  • Soothes Tired Feet
  • Improves Blood Circulation

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Lightening & Nourishing Lotion

It is one of the hot-selling products from Biotique which is a marvelous combination for all skin types. It is made with 1005 pure honey, safflower extract, methi, vacha, wheat germ, seaweed etc. which provide nourishment to your facial skin. Regular usage of this lotion can lighten your skin by maintaining natural oils of your skin.

Key Features

  • Replace Natural Oils
  • Nourishes Skin
  • Gives Fairer Complexion
  • Replenish the Lost Moisture
  • SPF 30 UVA/UVB
  • Makes Skin Tone Lighter
  • Gets Easily Absorbed into Skin

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Freshener With Himalayan Waters

It is a bestseller for people with oily or normal skin. It helps in detoxifying your cells, maintaining right pH levels in your skin and tightening your pores. The combination of cucumber, coriander, peppermint oil, mint and nutgalls gives a refreshing feel to your skin. It is an amazing unisex formula which purifies your skin from pores and leaves it with a fresh ans soft feel.

Key Features

  • Can be used by both genders
  • Tightens pores
  • Safe for all skin types and sensitive skins
  • Give a fresh and smooth feel
  • Adds natural glow to skin

Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Skin Cream

It is an effective skin care product which is made with a beautiful blend of pure virgin coconut oil. It is a great formula for those who are looking for fairer skin. It nourishes your skin from deep within and helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes thereby leaving you with a bright skin.

Key Features

  • Formula for brighter and fairer skin.
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Gives smooth skin.

These were the most popular and effective range of products from Biotuque.

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