Top 10 Best Deodorant for Women in India

Most women hate summers because the scorching make them perspire. They cannot tolerate the smell and nor do the sweat. Be it they work in the corporate world, or in stressful job or in school or as an athlete. They worship freshness. Hence, they are always in search of the right antiperspirant to have everything under control. The Indian market is abundant in various high profile deodorant brands with beautiful fragrances and sweat control phenomenon.

Today, we have come with a list of the top 10 most popular deodorant for women available in India. Have a look:

1. Nike Women Deodorant Body Spray

Deodorant Body Spray by Nike is one of the top marketed deo in India. It gives away a very soothing and powerful fragrance which happens to be a perfect blend of lavender, rosemary and pistachio. The spray is gentle and keeps you fresh all day long. It is easily available and quite affordable.


  • Delicate aquatic scent of the cool breezy beach
  • Masculinity includes aroma
  • Fragrances of lavender, rosemary and pistachio
  • Travel friendly packaging

2. Reebok Reefresh Deodorant for Women

Reebok Reefresh is another famous deodorant brand in the market. It is quite refreshing and enticing. Active ingredients like nutylphenyl methylpropional, linalool, triclosan, fragrance, isopropyl myristate etc. fight odor with its fruity and citrus fragrance. The product is alcohol free and last for long. Lemon, Apple, Blossom, Wood, Lily of the Valley, Aqutic, Amber, Musk, Spicy are a few of the nodes content.


  • Wonderful calm and refreshing fragrance
  • Most suitable casual occasions and for office
  • Doesn’t stain white shirts and cause no irritation
  • Quite pocket friendly and easily available

3. Nivea for Women Pearl Beauty Deodorant

Nivea Deodorant gives you soft beautiful underarms and anti-perspirant protection upon every use. It is enriched with the goodness of a beautiful precious pearl extract formula. It is 100% percent alcohol free and the odor keeps you confident all day long. The spray is dermatologically proven on sensitive skin.


  • Beautiful and dry underarms all day long
  • Contains no alcohol or colorants
  • Precious pearl extracts and anti-perspirant protection
  • Long lasting easy to use spray

4. Adidas Deodorant Pure Lightness for Women

Adidas Pure Lightness is one of the best deodorant sprays for women in India. It is a fresh blend of fruity, flowery, aquatic notes, spicy and woodsy yellow musk and the soothing aroma of peach and apricot. It keeps you fresh and maintains your confidence level all day long. Readily enjoy your day with this body spray.


  • 24h fresh feeling skin confidence
  • Boosts your feminine side
  • Vibrant and beautiful fragrance
  • Doesn’t stain white shirts and cause no irritation

5. Revlon Charlie Perfumed Body Spray

Charlie from Revlon is a perfume body spray for women with global recognition. This is rated as one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world and it’s anti-perspirant / deodorants top the list. It contains the goodness of Top, Middle and Base note that is a perfect blend of peach, apricot, plum citrus violet leaves and many more.


  • Ingredients like vanilla, caramel musk and woody accords keep you fresh all day long
  • Mystical fragrance to arouse the sensual side
  • Quite pocket friendly and easily available
  • Contains no alcohol or colorants

6. Yardley Lace Deodorant Spray

Yardley Lace Deodorant Spray appeals to the nature. The antiperspirant formula keeps you fresh and confident throughout the day. Ingredients remain the abundant flora found in nature. It helps you escape womanhood and enjoy the good childhood days. It also help you retain the after-shower freshness.


  • Original feminine perfume spray
  • Antiperspirant formula prevent body odor
  • Exquisite and rare fragrance of nature
  • Quite pocket friendly and easily available

7. Dove Deodorant for Women Deo

Dove is a dermatologically tested brand and the ¼ moisturizer take care of your delicate underarm. This leading anti-perspiring deodorant provides you with a feel good confidence all day long. The Vitamins E & F content soothes and conditions skin and keep it moisturized.


  • Clinical Protection with ¼ moisturizer
  • Wonderful skin care benefits
  • Vitamins E & F for smoother underarms
  • Unparalleled protection against body odor

8. Fogg 1000 Sprays Forever Deodorant Spray

Fogg is known as liquid deodorant spray for women and lasts up to 1000 sprays. It has beautiful rejuvenating aroma with ingredients to help to stay fresh and smell incredible for long. This leading deodorant brand suits well for all occasion and help you maintain your self confidence.


  • Subtle and captivating fragrance
  • Rejuvenating positive aura
  • Seals freshness for long
  • Dermatologically tested brand

9. Eva Wild Deodorant Spray

Eva Wild Deodorant Spray is one of the most famous feminine spray products in India. It is a spray for free spirited women. It is alcohol-free with aromatic ingredients such as sweet and hints of muguet. It is gentle on sensitive skin owing to its pH balance description on the bottle.


  • Dual toned bottle in black and white
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Alcohol free with a strong refreshing fragrance
  • Pocket friendly and easily available

10. AXE Body Spray for Women, Anarchy

Range of body spray from AXE is available in beautiful feminine fragrance to keep you fresh for a longer time. It has an exciting range of smell that soothes your nerves and keeps you in a pleasant. It is suitable for all skin types with the right intensity of odor that lasts all day long.


  • Unique all-over body spray with quality smell
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Rejuvenating positive aura
  • Unparalleled protection against body odor

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