Top 10 Best Lip Primers Available In India

Women love to wear different shapes of lipstick. They want them to look the prettiest and they also want that their lipsticks should stay longer when they go for work or for party. For that, they must include lip primers in their list which are an amazing solution that keeps lips in good shape by preventing them from dryness, peeling and flaking. They don’t let your sensitive and beautiful lips get damaged rather they keep them nourished, soft and attractive.

Have a look at the list of top 10 best lip primers which are available in markets in India. They promise to keep your lips nourished thereby preventing them from damages and dryness. These are the best lip primers which are a must buy for every lady.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer

MAC Prep + Prime lip primer is a nude lip primer. It promises the richness of nourishing oils which keep your lips healthy and prevent them from darkening with age. This exclusive primer can be worn with or without lipstick and looks truly gorgeous. It is very effective in dealing with problems like lip pigmentation and darkening. Use it on regular basis to restore the natural tint of your beautiful lips.

BH Cosmetics Lip Primer

BH Cosmetic Lip Primer is a beautiful creamy cosmetic for lips. The amazing texture of this primer is highly effective in protecting the lips from a list of problems which include dryness, pigmentation and chapping. It promises to seal the color of your lipstick and imparts a better tone to it thereby giving an enthralling shade to it. You can also use this lip primer as an eye primer.

Time Wise Age Fighting Lip Primer By Mary Kay

If your lips have lines and freckles then Time Wise Age Fighting Lip Primer by Mary Kay is the perfect purchase. It takes into account all aspects of ageing which can make lips dry, loose and dull. It restores the moisture on lips and also repairs the fine lines which appear on the lips as a result of ageing. It makes your lipstick look more voluminous.

NYX Lip Primer

The NYX lip primer is another very popular lip primer in the markets of India. It offers dual benefits of color correction and tone adjustment to the lips thereby beautifying them. It restores the natural hue of lips and at the same time it also focuses on improving dryness, chapping, freckles, fine lines and pigmentation which make your lips dull. It also promises long lasting lip color without any smudging.

Line And Define Lip Primer By Bite Beauty

The Line and Define lip primer is a beautiful nourishing primer which is free from chemicals. It protects your lips against dryness and keeps them nourished. It is very smooth in rolling and covers the lips seamlessly thereby preventing it from cracking and chapping. It comes with an in-built sharper which is provided at the base. It makes it easy to use. It maintains the natural color of lips and prevents them from pigmentation.

Urban Decay Potion Lip Primer By Urban Decay

The smoothening lip primer by Urban Decay is a wonderful primer which works like a sun guard as it contains the SPF 15 sun cover. It is highly effective in restoring the lost tint of lips. It is also very effective in keeping your beautiful lips protected from dryness and flaking. It is a one stop solution for nourishment, dryness and toning.

Lipfusion XL By Fusion Beauty

Lipfusion XL is a chemical-free lip primer. It acts beautifully on chapped lips by nourishing them with nutrients. It provides complete lip care from all kinds of problems which include feathering, dryness, age lines and pigmentation. Keep your lips safe from all such problems.

Picture Perfect Lip Primer By Cargo HD

This lip primer promises to prevent lips from premature ageing by keeping them nourished and hydrated. It consists of silica particles which are highly effective in healing different signs of ageing like fine lines, freckles and dryness and restore the look and appeal of your lips.

Lip Insurance Lip Primer By Too Faced

This amazing colorless lip primer by Too Faced protects the lips against feathering and keeps them nourished. It is a matte based formulation which repairs the lips and also restores the natural color. It comes with a promise to keep your lip makeup stay longer and doesn’t let it smudge.

Elf Studio Lip Primer And Plumper

This is a wonderful combination of multipurpose base and balm. It works beautifully as a primer and plumper. You can use it as a primer for creating the lipstick base and you can also use it as a plumper over lipsticks to get that gorgeous gloss and make it stay longer. This is a non sticky formulation. It also protects ageing and darkening of lips.

These are some of the lip primers which can be used by the women in India to get those beautiful and attractive lips.

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