Top 10 Best Spa & Massages in Kolkata

It is important to rejuvenate and reenergize to recharge your body, mind and soul and nothing beats a soothing and relaxing spa experience. Kolkata offers some of the best spas that help to take a break from hectic life and just feel your body. This article brings to you the list of 10 most popular spas in Kolkata which are a must visit to revitalize your cells and tissues.

Have a look at these amazing spas in the city and enjoy a thoroughly reinvigorating experience. For a blissful experience, visit at any of these massage centers.

1. Club Prana

Club Prana spa kolkata

It is a splendid spa in Kolkata which spreads across 10,000 sq ft in the Hyatt Regency Kolkata. It is a luxurious spa which offers an amazing menu of spa and salon treatments to pamper your body, mind and soul. The delightful largest landscaped swimming pool adds to the eternal spa experience. Several rooms offer distinct authentic Ayurvedic massage therapies to rejuvenate your senses.

Treatments and Services

  • Aromatherapy Massages
  • Swedish Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Deep Tissues Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hot Stone Massages
  • Ayurvedic Massages

2. Kaya Kalp

Kaya Kalp spa kolkata

It is the most popular spa in the city which promises a truly sensory experience. Located in the picturesque setting of ITC Sonar the luxurious hotel, this center offers a mesmerizing ambiance and sensitizing massage sessions. The trained therapists use oils made from herbs which are perfect for de-stressing massage strokes.

Treatments and Services:

  • Exotic Pomegranate
  • Passage to India
  • Body Treatments
  • Ayurvedic Rituals
  • Massages
  • Beauty Elixirs
  • Beauty Essentials

3. Oberoi Spa and Fitness Centre

Oberoi Spa and Fitness Centre Kolkata

This is a very famous luxurious spa in the city which promises to take you in a more relaxed world. The healing of therapists cast a magic on your body and mind and relieve you of all the stress and tensions. They use the authentic Ayurvedic massages, aromatherapy and western techniques to revitalize your senses to help you feel fit and healthy.

Treatments and Services

  • Revitalizing Body Therapies
  • Ayurvedic Therapies
  • Massage Therapies
  • Signature Indigenous Rituals
  • The Complete Spa Experience
  • Skin and Nail Care
  • Salon Treatments
  • Yoga and meditation

 4. Aura

Aura Spa kolkata

Aura Spa is the luxurious spa in The Park which is an address of eternal relaxation and rejuvenation. There are seven different rooms, each offering a distinct Indian massage with a purpose. The therapists are professionally trained to provide a wonderful experience to guests and pamper them with fruit platters, champagne flutes.

Treatments and Services

  • Aromatherapy
  • Ayurvedic Massages
  • Swedish Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Contemporary Treatments

5. Sanjeeva Medical Spa

Sanjeeva Medical Spa kolkata

Situated at the Vedic Village, Sanjeeva Medical Spa is the most authentic and best spa in Kolkata. It offers the authentic and rich Ayurvedic massages along with captivating spa experience and yoga to help you relax. The aromatic oils are extracts of pure herbs which are prepared in-house to ensure greater benefits to the guests.

Treatments and Services:

  • Panchkarma Treatments subjective to individual needs.
  • Abhiyangam
  • Svedana
  • Shirodhara
  • Facials
  • Head Massages
  • Foot Massages

 6. Spalicious Spa

Spalicious Spa kolkata

This is a wonderful spa which gives you an option to customize your spa treatment as per your choice. The experts take care of preferences which range from choice to massage to the kind of music you prefer to listen. Their treatments are based on the finest and naturally prepared cosmetics that help your skin revitalize.

Treatments and Services

  • Body Polish
  • Body Massages
  • Signature Body Journeys
  • Facials
  • Facial Upgrades
  • Foot and Head Massages
  • Foot and Hand Spa
  • Body Wraps etc.

 7. O2 Spa

O2 Spa kolkata

It is one of the finest spas in the city which harmonizes your mind, body and soul by offering the most amazing spa treatments that help your body relax. They blend the richness of Ayurveda and exotic herbs with the modern wellness techniques to make it a wonderful experience for the guests. They maintain the world-class spa standards and have an extensive menu to choose from.

Treatments and Services

  • Spa Indulgences
  • Body Scrubs Wraps
  • Hair Services
  • Pedicure and Manicure
  • Spa Therapies
  • Skin Services

 8. Aroma Thai Day Spa

Aroma Thai Day Spa

This chain of spas is inspired by the concept of foot massages and spa therapies. The trained and experienced therapists offer a relaxing, reviving and renewing experience to their guests with their exotic Thai massage treatments which are worth an experience. It is the best palce to relax and pamper your body.

Treatments and Services

  • Face Refreshers
  • Foot Therapies – Consisting of wide range of authentic Thai massages.
  • Thai Body Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissues Massage
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Hot Stone Therapy

 9. Layla Louise Spa

Layla Louise Spa kolkata

It is another very popular spa in Kolkata which is run by the eminent professionals who possess wonderful experience in offering spa treatments. They promise the best massages and therapies at the most affordable prices. They help you relax by aligning your body, mind and soul on the same lines.

Treatments and Services

  • Express Healing
  • Oil Body Therapies
  • Dry Body Therapies
  • Signature Therapies
  • Body Scrubs and Packs
  • Facial Therapies

10. Pulse

Pulse spa kolkata

It is a world-class Health and Wellness Spa at The Kenilworth Kolkata which promises a captivating and relaxing experience to its guests. They offer an amazing combination of traditional massage and therapy treatments along with exotic massages from different parts of the world. It is surely the best place to de-stress and reinvigorate.

Treatments and Services

  • Spa Packages including massages from America, Bali etc.
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Ayurvedic Abyanga
  • Sohum Signature Massage
  • Champi
  • Skin Refinements
  • Body Envelopments
  • Meru
  • Hydrosoak Therapies

Get ready to enjoy a soothing massage session at any of these spas in Kolkata which promise best spa services.

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