Top 10 Best Spas in Bangalore

Spa is surely the best way to relax your mind, muscles and soul. It is worth an experience, especially when you are residing in a city like Bangalore where the routine life is so stressful and exhausting. The IT city offers a wide range of fabulous and luxurious spas which promise a rejuvenating experience. From different kinds of massages to facials, reflexology therapies to Ayurvedic treatments; the list of services offered at these wonderful spas is truly vibrant.

This article lists the 10 most amazing spas in Bangalore which cater your relaxation needs with their impeccable massages and therapies. Browse through the list and get ready to revitalize your senses and feel your body in a natural way.

The Spa

This is one of the most luxurious and fabulous spas in Bangalore which promises an ultimate experience to the visitors. A labyrinth of luxury, this spa is located in the famous The Leela Palace. The most popular massage at this extravagant spa is the traditional rope massage which is performed in the Kalari room in which the masseuse massages the back of the guest with his feet. This is then followed by authentic Abhiyanga which is performed by trained therapists under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor. Every therapy is performed after understanding of the needs of the guest.


If you are looking for an enthralling spa experience in Bangalore then Angsana is the place to be. It is a UB City property which offers a mesmerizing view of the city from the 12th floor. Located in the lush green countryside, this place offers a retreat to an amazing revitalizing experience. You can enjoy soothing sessions of Thai massage along with a vivacious menu of various other traditional Thai therapies. You can enjoy a personal relaxation time reclining on the comfortable lounge chairs sipping on the aromatic herbal teas.


Orzya is located in an old white bungalow in Bangalore. It is famous for its vivid menu which offers interesting varieties of Balinese and Thai massages, Turkish bath, facials, body wraps and hot stone treatments etc. which promise complete relaxation to the guests. You can also enjoy a delightful lunch along with your massaging sessions. They have a team of trained therapists to ensure effective treatments. It is a great place to spend your day in a luxurious and refreshing manner and enjoy a wonderful day with your own self.

Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa

It is a famous spa in Bangalore which is popular for its high-class hospitality and amazing range of relaxing services. It offers wonderfully effective massage therapies that are beneficial in various ailments. It is the pioneer in foot reflexology services and effective massage techniques that help you revitalize your body and soul. It is a franchisee of Singapore based spa which is famous for its extra-ordinary reflexology treatments.

Akaasa Boutique Spa

This is yet another spectacular spa which promises a unique experience, something that you have never experienced. It has a range of delightful and vibrant treatments from different corners of the world offered under one roof. The wisely picked therapies are combined to soothe your senses and offer you an ultimate experience. The therapists take in account your needs and offer a complementing therapy that is totally blissful and soothing.


The therapists at Aromahomespa work on creating a harmony and synchronization by attuning the person with the cycles of nature. The healing rituals and spa treatments are inspired by different seasons and promise a relaxing and transforming session. Body massages, foot massages, Ayurvedic massages, body wraps, facials, body polish etc. are some of the most popular items on their menu which are a must try for a revitalizing experience.

SPA.ce the Spa

This is another very famous spa from the IT city which is a soothing combination of unique products, delightful ambiance and well-trained and highly experience therapists who promise an unmatched spa experience to their guests. They have a range of chemical free natural products that help your senses revitalize. Spa express, The Couple’s Retreat, Simply Massage, Just for men and Spa Packages are some of the highlights from their menu which can be picked as per the need.

Bodycraft Spa and Salon

Enjoy the best wellness services along with a wonderful salon experience at this amazing destination which is one of the most promising spas in Bangalore. It has the most efficient and professionally trained team of professions which have been trained by international experts from Sebastian, Wella, EZFlow, Ainhoa etc. Enjoy a soothing pampering experience at this spa which provides vibrant salon services that help you revitalize and look beautiful.

The 5th Element

It is the authentic Thai spa in Bangalore. It has been named after the five elements of nature which include air, water, fire, earth and last one is you. Enjoy the original Thai massages and therapies from the experts which promise an authentic Thai feel. Body polish, body wrap, facials, massages are some of the items on the menu. The pleasant décor completely goes with the theme of the spa and sets you in the right mood by helping you relax and enjoy.

White Mantra Spa and Salon

It is a luxurious day spa which spread over an area of 7000 sq feet in an independent setting. The professional hands promise the most relaxing experience. The professionals are certified individuals who master the art of massaging and are dedicated to create a magic with their hands by helping you enjoy the best massaging experience. Every ingredient used for therapies and massages in carefully created mix of herbs, pure essential oils, originally grown fruits and flowers to ensure a healthy experience. This is totally a unique and reinvigorating experience.

So now you know the list of the most refreshing spas in Bangalore which offer a pampering and magical experience to their guests with their interesting spa menus and amazing services. So get ready to relax your muscles and senses with the best spas in Bangalore.