Top 10 Best Spas in Delhi

Get ready to enjoy the rejuvenating spa treatments at the best spas in Delhi and feel pampered. Spas are surely the best way to take a relaxing break from the fast paced city life and spend some time to feel your body, mind and soul. Nothing beats the pleasure of herbal oils trickling down your body and pressing of pressure points to relive your body from pain. Enjoy healthy sessions of Swedish massages, Ayurvedic massages and therapies to gear up for a new day.

Some of the most popular and best spas in Delhi have been listed in the article for your convenience. These are some of the best spas in the capital which are known for their world-class spa services.

Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center

Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre delhi

If you are looking for an authentic and Indian way of rejuvenating then nothing beats the Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center which offers holistic Ayurvedic treatments that help your pores breathe. The skilled therapists provide amazing healing therapies which are beneficial to the body and also helpful in stabilizing your mind and bring peace to your inner self.

Suggestions: The Royal Makeover package is truly the best experience to feel the goodness and richness of Ayurvedic massages and feel fresh.

Aura Spa

aura spa in Chennai

Located at The Park, this is one of the most famous spas in the city. It offers a wide spectrum of Swedish massages, Deep Tissue massages, Reflexology treatments etc. that help your body and mind relax. The rejuvenation package at this luxurious spa has been rated amongst the most famous treatments in the city. The spa also holds yoga sessions on the roof-top which is a beautiful experience.

Suggestions: Rejuvenation package with integrated beauty salon experience is a must try for a complete makeover.


Espa Delhi

It is the most luxurious and scintillating spas in Delhi which is located in The Leela Palace. It spans across two different floors and offers a fitness studio, health café, sauna rooms, steam rooms, therapy rooms and luxury suites to help you relax in the best of the ambiance. The soothing instrumental music goes well with the mesmerizing interiors.

Suggestions: Personalized facials as per your skin types and scalp massage are highly recommended once you have finished with your massage sessions.

The Aman Spa

The Aman Spa delhi

Located in The Aman Hotel, this wonderful spa promises you a delightful break from the stressful city life. Extensive spa treatments with hair and beauty studio make it a perfect destination to enjoy a makeover. The hamam experience is truly blissful and helps your body detox. It is followed by a massage session and bath which leaves you feeling fresh.

Suggestion: The Turkish Hamam treatment is the best thing to try. It will surely help you feel light and fresh.

Ishana Panpuri Organic Spa

Ishana Panpuri Organic Spa Delhi

This welcoming spa is located in one of the malls in Delhi. With the opulent Asian interiors and dim light, it creates a pleasant ambiance. There are some of the most relaxing Thai massages and Oriental massages on the menu which can be picked as per your need. They also have a customized range of treatments for hands, feet, shoulders and neck to help you feel better.

Suggestions: Facial at the spa is a must try. It is performed using the organic products imported from Bangkok and leaves your skin feeling fresh and new.

Amatrra Spa

Amatrra Spa delhi

Located at the Ashok Hotel, it is a perfect destination to enjoy Ayurvedic massages and naturopathy treatments under one roof. The spa works on the concept of Astroveda which is a combination of Ayurveda and Astrology. The treatment for every individual is designed after noting their planetary positions. You can enjoy a customized massage session based on your astrological equations and feel pampered.

Suggestions: Floatarium is a must try. It is a wonderful therapy for those who suffer from insomnia.

The Oberoi Spa

The Oberoi Spa Delhi

This spa promises a wonderfully relaxing experience to the visitors. It is spread across an area of 9000 sq. feet which has a perfect ambiance for different kinds of massages and therapies from the Eastern and Western cultures. You can select a holistic therapy to suit your needs and enjoy the pampering sessions amidst the luxurious settings.

Suggestions: Hot herbal pouch therapy and specialty baths are a must try at this amazing spa.

The Claridges Spa

The Claridges Spa delhi

This spa is designed on the traditional Indian baoli which means a stepwell. There are different baolis for different therapies which have been designed specific to a certain therapy. Gandak ki baoli, chand ki baoli etc. are a few for instance. The highlight at the spa is the Surajkund Ritual which is a treatment for couples. It starts with a foot massage followed by a hot stone massage for a completely refreshing experience.

Suggestion: The Surajkund Ritual is a must for couples and for new mothers; New Mother Treatment is a wonderful treatment.

Bliss by Ravissant

Bliss by Ravissant delhi

This is a wonderful spa with a wide range of therapies and massages on the platter. You can enjoy various kinds of therapies, hair treatments and facials of western and eastern kinds. The soothing instrumental music helps you relax and enjoy the treatments. All products that are used are 100% organic. The interiors of the spa are beautiful and impressive.

Suggestion: Do try the aromatherapy facial which nourishes and relaxes your skin and leaves you with an amazing skin.

Jiva Spa

Jiva Spa Delhi

Jiva Spa is a promising chain of spas of the Taj group. It offers a vibrant range of therapies and massages from the Indian, Oriental and Western world. The beautiful interiors perfectly create a peaceful and delightful ambiance for the body and mind to relax. The treatments last from 3 days to a week and are conducted under the supervision of trained professionals.

Suggestions: The special packages for brides and grooms which last for a month are a wonderful experience to nourish your body, mind and soul.

These were the 10 best and the most popular spas in Delhi which offer the best of the services to the visitors. You can select any of these spas for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience and enjoy a healthy break from routine. So get ready to beat the stress and pain in life with the super relaxing massages and therapies at these spas.