Top 10 Best Spas in Hyderabad

A good spa treatment is surely the best way to say good-bye to all the tension and relax all your muscles. Hyderabad offers a range of some of the best spas which offer a soothing spa session which rejuvenates your soul and body. They take you away from the tiresome and hectic city life so that you can feel your body and senses. You can breathe and feel your body infused with higher energy levels.

Here is a list of top 10 best saps in Hyderabad which bring to you the most rewarding and pleasant spa experience to recharge yourself. Choose from these amazing and most famous spa salons to pamper your body and feel at ease.

1. Jiva Spa

Taj Faluknumma offers a royal spa treatment at Jiva Spa which is surely the best spa in Hyderabad. It is known for its nobility and majestic beauty which pampers your senses and mesmerizes you with the amazing range of therapies and treatments. The menu is designed specifically for better health and is based on the ancient approaches. Nawab-e-Khaas, Jivaniya and Shudhikara are some of the most popular therapies along with splendid Indian therapies, body rituals and beauty treatments.

Special Features:

Royal treatments along with authentic signature Mughal massages and exquisite spa cuisine.

2. The Spa

Located at the gorgeous Hyatt, Hyderabad, this is the most well known spas in the city. You can enjoy an amazing blend of tradition and technology. The spa programs have been designed with precision to offer you a chance to purify, reform, recompose and restore the equations of body, mind and soul with the massage sessions and meditation programs. You will also experience the richness of Mughal culture which reflects in the spa rituals and treatments.

Special Features:

Luxurious spa baths and spa ceremonies are a must try to rejuvenate the senses. The fresh flowers and mesmerizing aroma soothes your soul.

3. Aura Spa

This is one of the most luxurious spas in Hyderabad which has won many awards for its authentic services. It is located at The Park Hyderabad. The exquisite interiors of the spa are based on diamonds from Golconda region which take you to a different world. The spectacular spa treatments revolve around the concept of five elements for good health and overall healing. The use of essential oils blended with natural extracts make the massages more effective and authentic.

Special Features:

“Darya-i-noor” is a special suite which features massage beds along with chromo therapy whirlpools.

4. Golkonda Resort and Spa

It is one of the most refreshing destinations in the city. It is situated adjacent to the beautiful Osman Sagar Lake which makes in an indulgent location to enjoy the therapeutic treatments, aromatherapy sessions and splendid massage menu from the East and West to refresh your body, mind and soul. The tropical garden spa is worth an experience to feel the unique culture and warm hospitality.

Special Features:

Separate massage menu for men and women which cater subjective needs and requirements in the best possible manner. The location makes it the best place to relax.

5. O2 Spa

This spa is situated at seven different locations in Hyderabad. It is one of the most popular and premium spas in the city. It offers a splendid range of massages which include Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, aromatherapy, facials body scrubs, body wraps, pedicure, manicure and so much more. It offers a great value for your money with its professional services which pamper your senses and body.

Special Features:

Precious Time Together is one of the most interesting package for the couples to spend some relaxed time together.

6. Kaya Kalp

Located at the ITC Kakatiya, it is a wonderful place to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. It offers a great spectrum of Ayurvedic massages and rituals which are a blend of spiritual and medicinal legacies which have been an important part of Indian culture. The therapies are offered by trained therapists who use natural products for better results. It is an address for a luxurious space with relaxing therapies.

Special Features:

Passage to India is a special recommendation to experience the authentic and wholesome Indian massage which soothes your soul and body.

7. Aalankrita Resort and Spa

The ethnic theme and beautiful architecture makes it an ideal place to enjoy rejuvenating massage sessions. The spa offers a wonderful menu which includes the best of the spa treatments from the East and the West. Ayurvedic massages, Swedish massages, Thai massages with different kinds of aromatic oils take you to a different level and soothe your senses.

Special Features:

Enjoy a Thai massage at the outdoor massage table set amidst the Thai gardens for a completely new and refreshing experience away from the confined spaces.

8. Nirva Spa

Located at the Ellaa Hotel, it is a beautiful place to experience and enjoy facials, hydrotherapies, facials and couples treatments. The luxurious interiors soothe your senses and the spa treatments help your muscles and mind relax. The trained professional therapists help you rejuvenate with their soft and tender massaging skills that pamper your body.

Special Features:

Nirva Signature Treatments are a must try for a completely reinvigorating experience.

9. Ista Spa

Another spectacular spa located in the city of Nizams which is famous for its wonderful varieties of spa services and body treatments. It has now joined the Hyatt Hotels which is an added benefit. Yoga sessions, meditation sessions and Ayurvedic massages create a wholesome experience for the guests who are looking for refreshing experiences.

Special Features:

Enjoy a personalized session with experts that will understand your needs and will offer the best treatment for your body.

10. Heavenly SPA

Located at the Westin Hotels and Resorts, this is yet another spa which is designed to revitalize your body and calm your mind. The experts combine the ancient philosophy with creative techniques that offer a splendid experience to the guests. The soft music and soothing interiors complement the relaxing massage sessions.

Special Features:

It is a completely customized treatment where you get to choose your favorite aromatherapy oil, scent and music to make the most out of your spa session.

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