Top 10 Best Tea Brands in India

Hey nothing better than a cup of tea, when you want to refresh your mind and mood. Tea is an important and widely consumed drink in India. In India tea is most commonly used as a refreshing drink and we also offer it as a welcome drink to greet our guest. Many researchers has studied that tea consumption is also good for health. It prevents you from various diseases as well. Tea is a natural oxidant and a source of natural fluoride. That’s why the market of tea is increasing day by day.

We are here to let you know about the most top 10 best tea brand available in the Indian market.

1. Tetley Tea

Tetley tea is among the most trusted tea brand in India. To give flavor with every sip and to produce exceptional quality blends, they select only the finest tea leaves from plantation around the world. Tetley tea brand is the first one to introduce the flavored or green tea. This famous brand keeps you healthy with the good taste of tea.

2. Society Tea

Society Tea is the most commonly used and trusted brand in India. Society tea is well known for its consistent taste and richness of quality. A one cup of tea gives you unique taste & helps you to get off the stress, relax our body and mind. It is widely known for its aroma taste around the world.

3. Lipton Tea

Lipton tea is another most demanding tea brand in India. Lipton tea is made out of the finest tea leaves and is perfect for the healthy Indian. Lipton tea has a unique blend that has high levels of natural ingredients, along with other goodness of tea which can help you to relax and refresh your mind.

4. Marvel Tea

Marvel Tea is another most reliable tea brand available in Indian market. A cup of tea in the morning keep you fresh and energetic whole day. To maintain the quality they use Assam & Darjeeling tea in their product. Marvel tea is produced and prepared with utmost care, dedication and with proficiency to make it a best quality tea.

5. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea is considered as a healthy tea. It is the second largest tea brand in the country. It is rich in natural flavonoids which are known to improve blood circulation that keeps your family healthy. It helps to improve immunity power and provides strength with a good taste, color and great quality.

6. Pataka Tea:

Pataka Tea is another brand name available in India. The brand was targeted at consumers who prefer quality. The brand is a selective blend of quality CTC leaf with Orthodox tea. Its aroma produces great taste to keep you active all day long. It gives one a very Indian taste really kadak for regular tea drinkers.

7. Wagh Bakri Tea

Wagh Bakri Tea, this amazing tea is handpicked from the best tea gardens and blended by tea experts. Wagh Bakri ensures a strong taste, rich color and a stimulating aroma. Its strong taste make you feel fresh and energetic whole day. It is always known for its consistence quality.

8. Double Diamond Tea

Double Diamond Tea is a famous tea brand in India. A strong flavor and aroma are mixed in such a fine balance to you a cup of tea to give a fresh mind. Best technology and ingredients are used to give you a best quality product. It blends wonderfully not leaving the behind a watery taste.

9. Girnar Tea

Girnar tea is counted among the finest tea brands across the worls. Girnar tea is known for its quality and great taste. They select the top quality tea leaves from Assam, Nilgiris and Darjeeling and processed them carefully to produce the high quality end product and offer value for money to its customer.

10. Dhunseri Tea

Dhunseri Tea is famous as quality tea supplier among the consumers in India. Dhunsery tea brand grow, manufacture & pack tea with extreme care so as to maintain its smooth taste, refreshing flavor and exotic aroma. The stress on quality is so much that quality is never sacrificed for quantity.