Top 10 Best Toothbrush in India

We have been taught since childhood to brush out teeth twice a day. Why? Brushing help maintain healthy teeth and fight bad breath, bacteria, plaque, and stains. It also takes care of other dental problems such as cavity, plaque build-up, gingivitis, tooth decay etc. Much like the toothpaste, toothbrushes also has an important role to play in dental care. The market in India has a wide variety of toothbrush brand to help take care of healthier and stronger teeth in all age group.

We have come up with the top best toothbrush for all-round clean up of your teeth in India. Have a look:

1. Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush

Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush is one of the famous toothbrush brands in India. The active bristles are angled in opposite directions. The grip is easy-to-hold, come with a flexible neck and has a soft tongue-and-cheek cleaner. The brush also helps you kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.


  • Soft tongue cleaner and zigzag bristles
  • Flexible neck for comfortable brushing
  • Removes odor and clean away plaque
  • Quite gentle on gingival tissue

2. Pepsodent Germi Check Whitening Toothbrush

Pepsodent Germi Check Whitening Toothbrush is one of the most popular dentist recommended toothbrush in India. It takes care of your oral health needs like fighting plagues, decay and remove bad breathe. It also heals other problems such as bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.


  • Stronger teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums
  • Fights germs and cavities
  • Heals bleeding gums and sensitive teeth
  • Dentist recommended toothbrush for every oral care need

3. Close-Up Right Angle Toothbrushes

Close-Up Right Angle Toothbrushes comes with a tongue cleaner on the back of its bristle head. The dynamic bristle pattern help fight bad breath bacteria. The handle is made of soft rubber and comes with a plastic cushion grip.


  • Kills bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Heals bleeding gums and sensitive teeth
  • Removes odor and clean away plaque
  • Dentist recommended for effective oral health care

4. Oral B All Rounder Gum Protect Extra Soft Toothbrush

Oral B All-Rounder gum protect toothbrush is one of the best toothbrush in India. The cup-shaped bristles are completely antibacterial that help in penetrating between the teeth for better oral healthcare. Reduce gingivitis to improve gum health.


  • Active soft gum stimulators in the brush
  • Removes odor inducing bacteria from the tongue
  • Works gently on the enamel and gums
  • Blue indicator to indicate when to replace your brush

5. Aquafresh Clean & White Toothbrush

Clean & White Toothbrush from Aquafresh helps restore the natural whiteness of the teeth. The bristles are deep cleansing and the soft rubber wipers and get rid of surface stains from teeth. It has a flexible neck with a soft polishing wiper for better germi check.


  • Soft polishing wipers for natural whiteness
  • Better germi check advantages
  • Flexible neck with deep cleaning bristles
  • Get rid of stubborn surface stains

6. Sensodyne Ultra Sensitive Extra Soft Toothbrush

Sensodyne Ultra Sensitive Toothbrush is one of the most popular toothbrushes marketed in India. The brush features soft rounded bristles and has a slim neck for better brushing. It is gentle on sensitive teeth and help fight dental germs.


  • Comfortable grip with broad handle
  • Takes care of sensitive teeth or dentine hypersensitivity
  • Heals bleeding gums
  • Removes odor inducing bacteria

7. Crest Extra Cleaning Medium Toothbrush

Crest medium toothbrush is known for its advanced bristle profile that aids in all-round cleaning of the mouth. It makes your teeth smooth and polished with customized grip for better control. It also help fight dental problems like plague, bad breathe etc.


  • Cleans and whiten teeth
  • Advanced bristle profile
  • Smooth and polished teeth
  • Better cleaning between teeth

8. Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush

Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush contains special bristles made of the highest quality nylon. The flexible neck help take care of excessive pressure with easy grip angles to reach the difficult-to-brush areas. Brushes from this brand are mostly for babies.


  • High quality nylon bristles
  • Protect baby’s teeth and gums
  • Special thumb groove
  • Flexible neck for better grip

9. Trisa Vita Clean Toothbrush

Trisa is another best toothbrush brand in India. Its ultrafine bristles keep a check on plaque, bad breathe, sensitivity and other related dental problems. The brush is soft and flexible and works effectively by sparing tooth enamel and gums.


  • Ultrafine bristles for better germi check
  • Soft and flexible neck
  • Heals bleeding gums and kills odor inducing bacteria
  • Better germi check advantages

10. Kent Refresh Soft Premium Toothbrushes

Kent Refresh Soft Premium Toothbrushes are made of real nylon and ergonomically designed for better ease while brushing. You get a superior hold while result in healing bleeding gums, plagues, bad breatheĀ  and other dental germs.


  • Comfortable grip for sensitive teeth
  • Fight dental problems like plague, bad breathe etc.
  • Reduce gingivitis to improve gum health
  • Ergonomically designed for better brushing

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