Top 10 Best Yoga Classes and Centers In Delhi

best yoga center in delhi

With lives getting busier and stress levels hampering the goodness of life along with badly affecting the health, the only option to survival is Yoga. Yoga and meditation sessions really help you stabilize mentally, emotionally and physically to face the challenges of life. In a city like Delhi, where life is like a rollercoaster ride, it is always the utmost important advice to lighten and brighten the quality of life with the richness of yoga exercises. This article presents the topmost yoga classes taking place in Delhi. You can enroll from any of these centers from the list given below to experience the powerful art that promises physical and mental well being. These are surely the best yoga centers in India. No matter, what you age is; it is the best way to stay fit and healthy.

1. Yoga Training

As the name explains, Yoga Training is the best destination to take classes in the ancient art. It focuses on providing professional classes to individuals and groups subjective to their needs. They have centers in different locations in the capital city. The most important highlight of these sessions is the service of home training for those who cannot visit the institute. They also provide corporate classes to release stress at work and enhance performance levels.

2. Ananda Sangh

Ananda Sangha is the address to experience best meditation sessions along with Kriya Yoga and meditation. This is one of the most popular yoga centers in the town which aims to provide a balanced physical, mental and spiritual wellness to the enrolments by offering various courses. This institute is well lit and is spread out in a spacious area which ensures good ventilation and light. It is big enough to conduct sessions for lots of students at the same time.

3. Dr. Shalini Raswant

Dr. Shalini Raswant has been teaching yoga for fitness in Delhi from the longest times. She has become a famous name in the health and wellness industry. She focuses on using the natural means to attain the state of well being. You can select from the vast range of asanas and yoga taught and performed by trained professionals. Choose the best suited form of asanas and enjoy maximum benefits. Some of the highlights include Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mudras Yoga etc.

4. Vedic Prakriti

Vedic Prakriti is not the most famous yoga center in Laxmi Nagar, which is the joint of plethoric yogic centers in Delhi but it is also one of the best institutes of the city. The airy, spacious and well lit rooms of the center are very modern and stylish in their feel. There is a blend of contemporary surroundings and traditional art form which makes it an ideal place to absorb the richness of yoga. The trained instructors possess immense knowledge to perform different asanas.

5. Kedar Nath Centre for Yoga and Naturopathy

Kedar Nath Center for Yoga and Naturopathy is the best place to indulge in this ancient exercise technique. It is famous for its seriousness in performing the authentic asanas and dedicated yoga sessions. This institute is passionate about teaching this ancient art form to students and helping them benefit with it. Along with regular classes, you can also participate in special Yoga Meditation tours to enjoy and absorb this amazing strategy to stay fit.

6. Delhi Dance Academy

Though Delhi Dance Academy is known for its professional dance sessions but the institute has made some modifications in its menu by including a new course i.e. Power Yoga, under the fitness category. This is a wonderfully designed course which aims at increasing your fitness levels, boosting your metabolism and stamina along with weight loss. It is a more modern way of including the ancient art form in your lifestyle to make it more fitness oriented. The center has a strong team to help you perform different kinds of asanas.

7. Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio is an address of the famous yoga classes in Delhi. Seems Sondhi, the founder of the institute started this centre with an aim to help people strike a balance between their body, mind and soul with the goodness of yoga and meditation exercises. The studio is airy and spacious with soothing interiors to calm your mind. The experts strive to offer a wholesome and peaceful experience to the students.

8. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Health and fitness classes at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre aim at following the traditional ways of imbibing yoga in life. They follow a slow and soothing pace to conduct yoga sessions followed by meditation classes in order to bring maximum benefits to their students. They aim at calming and stabilizing your outer and inner self. For them it is not only a means to stay fit but a way of living a healthy and harmonious life.

9. Vivekanand Yoga Ashram

Vivekanand Yoga Ashram is one of the most well known places in Delhi to learn yoga. The institute teaches and preaches people of all age groups a healthy living style to enjoy high fitness levels. They teach various breathing exercises along with meditation techniques which are very helpful in attaining a physical and mental balance.

10. Iyengar Yoga Centre Yogakshema

Started by Dr. B.K.S. Iyengar, this is one of the best yoga centers in India which works with precision on performing every asana. This institute follows the guidelines of Saint Patanjali and expertise in performing the asanas included in Ashtanga yoga. It lays great importance on postures and body alignments in performing the asanas for which different kinds of props are used, like belts, ropes etc. depending on the need of the student and exercise. The experts are very particular about the nitty-gritty of every exercise to ensure the best and long-lasting results.

Enjoy your life to the fullest by joining these yoga programs from professionals. Also, know more about the best yoga centers in India.