Top 10 Vegetarian Cosmetic Brands in India

The consumers are becoming very conscious about the ingredients of the cosmetics they use. There is greater demand of vegetarian cosmetic products which are free from toxins and animal products. Using lipsticks, gloss, moisturizers contains toxic chemicals can lead to harmful skin diseases like cancer, skin allergies, rashes and irritations. Buying a natural cosmetic not only saves the life of an animal but is also beneficial for the skin. There are various vegetarian brands which have earned a good market share in India because of the usage of natural extracts in their cosmetics.

A list of well-known and established best vegetarian cosmetic brands in India has been compiled to bring to your notice the natural cosmetics which you must include in your makeup kit to ensure complete care of your skin.

Lotus Herbals

lotus herbals cosmeticsIt is a leading natural cosmetics brand in India which combines the wisdom of Vedas with the latest technology to produce the widest range of skin care, sun care, hair care and make-up products. These vegetarian cosmetics are created with the herbal extracts which promise to bring amazing effects to your skin in the shorter time period. There are no synthetic ingredients or chemicals or animal products that are used in developing these wonderful variety of over 250 cosmetic products.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop logoThis brand promises to prepare every product with love and care. They have the most vibrant and effective range of skin care, fragrance, body and bath, hair care and make up to beautify your personality in a natural way. They fetch the finest natural herbs and ingredients from different parts of the world. They procure their raw material from the efficient farmers to create effective products. These products are 100% vegetarian and have not been tested on animals.

Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals brandThe brand has the amazing range of skin and hair care products which are 100% natural and are safe to use with no side effects. They are prepared from the herbal extracts which are collected from the foothills of Himalayas. Each product has been developed by in depth study of Ayurvedic text and research. The pure herbs are transformed into wonderful and effective cosmetic products with the help of modern technology.


Biotique famous cosmetic brandIt is a very famous cosmetic brand all in India which promises amazing results. It features 100% natural and vegetarian skin care and hair care products which have been developed utilizing the richness of Ayurveda. The brand keeps your skin and hair healthy and free from all kinds of problems. They are made with 100% natural botanicals. There are no preservatives or chemicals that are used in the products. In fact, their beautiful packaging is also eco-friendly. It is truly a vegetarian cosmetic brand in every sense.

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic brand It is a luxurious Ayurvedic brand which offers the most scintillating cosmetics from the world of Ayurveda. These are authentic herbal preparations which don’t contain any kind of chemicals or animal products. They use the naturally distilled pure essential oils pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts for preparing the promising range of cosmetics for skin care, hair care and beauty care. All these preparations take place in the villages in the foothills of Himalayas and are rich in therapeutic properties.

Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain brandIt is India’s leading brand in natural beauty products and anti-aging treatments. They have a wide range of products for face care, skin care, hair care and beauty care which have been created naturally using the herbal ingredients and extracts. They have their own herbal plantations which are supportive in creating the most effective and chemical free range of cosmetic products. They imbibe the richness of Ayurveda in their products to ensure better results.

Aroma Magic

Aroma MagicAroma Magic promises a vibrant range of vegetarian cosmetic products which contain no alcohol, no petrochemicals, no mineral oils, no synthetic colors, no artificial fragrances and no chemicals. These are pure products which have been prepared from natural ingredients. These products have been prepared after in depth study and research to create skin-friendly and skin nourishing products for a healthy skin.


Jovees herbal and Ayurvedic brandsIt is a pure herbal and Ayurvedic cosmetic manufacturing company which blends the goodness of herbs and Ayurveda with technology to create promising range of chemical-free and effective cosmetic products. These products are produced at company’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing units which are of international standards. These products do not contain any animal product and are thoroughly vegetarian.

Ayur Herbals

Ayur Herbals brandIt is another very trusted and famous vegetarian cosmetic brand in India which has been catering to the beauty and cosmetic needs of Indian consumers since 1984. These products have been made with natural ingredients and never harm the skin. The range of hair care, skin care and beauty care products offered by the brand have always provided the value for money.


Emami cosmetic products brandEmami is a very popular natural cosmetic products brand in India. They have an amazing rang of beauty products and cosmetics based on the effective and authentic formulations of Ayurveda. These pocket-friendly and result-focused products cover face care, hair care, skin care and beauty care products which are free from chemicals and toxins. They have been developed using herbal extracts and natural ingredients which are soothing on skin. Their products have not been tested on animals and are purely vegan.

These were the most wonderful cosmetic brands which keep their promise of providing natural cosmetics which contain no chemicals and animal products. They are perfectly natural and can be used without any worries about skin damages. Their effects can be a little slow but they last longer. Enjoy these socially responsible brands which are vegan.

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