Top 5 Best Sugar Free Sweetener in India

With increasing health awareness and widespread of diabetes in India, people are cutting down on their sugar consumption in order to stay healthy. Sugar has been replaced by various sugar-free sweeteners in India which are emerging as the most preferred form of sweetener in daily diet. They are helpful in duplicating the taste of sugar without duplicating its effect with the same extent. Hence, from doctors to dieticians, everyone is prescribing these healthy sweeteners in food.

In the midst of choices, it may get a little difficult to find the best sugar-free sweetener in India but the information given in this article may be of some help to you. Find the best sugar-free sweeteners listed below for an easy referral.

Sugar Free Natura

Sugar Free Natura is a healthy way of indulging in your favorite sweets without having to worry about your health. It is a powder sweetener which is made with Sucralose, the best artificial sweetener. You can enjoy this wonderful sweetener in your tea and sweets which keeps you away from the side effects of table sugar. It promises same flavor and sweetness in your food without causing any health tensions. So if you are on a diet or you are suffering from diabetes, you can easily enjoy a healthy dose of sweet with Sugar Free Natura. It is an ideal substitute for sugar which can easily used in all kinds of Indian sweets preparation and it doesn’t even alter the taste. From baking to cooking, it is able to manage the high temperatures without any change in flavors.

Sugar Free Gold

Sugar Free Gold is an amazing low cal sugar substitute which is made from Aspartame, a protein derivative. It is the best alternative for people suffering from problem of diabetes along with the weight-watchers. Though this powder tastes just like sugar but it must be mixed with food after cooking as Aspartame is not heat stable. This powder is 200 times sweeter than the regular sugar. It is a safe substitute to sugar which goes well with all kinds of beverages and food items.


Equal is a low cal sweetener with Aspartame as its main ingredient. Lactose and amino acids are other important ingredients of this sweetener which are easily digested by a human body. Equal Sweetener Tablets easily dissolve in any kind of beverage or liquid. What makes it the most preferred substitute is its sugar-like taste which doesn’t leave any kind of bitter taste in the end. You can use the tablets for liquids or you can also use the powder in beverages along with sprinkling it on fruits, desserts and cakes. It is an easy to use and good to taste sweetener which promises great health and wonderful taste.


Spenda No Calorie Sweetener is another healthy sugar-free option available in the Indian market. Each packet of the sweetener is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar in terms of taste. It is a lovely addition to the food of weight-watchers and diabetics which promises a lingering sweet taste on your tongue. Add Splenda No Calorie Sweetener to your coffee, tea or shakes or just enjoy it on fresh fruits and cereals. Have it the way you like it and forget about the harmful effects of sugar on health.


It is a marvelous combination from Belgium which keeps your palate happy with its sugar-like taste. It is as sweet and as tasty as sugar but it doesn’t come with calories. It is the real sugar substitute which promises flavoring of sugar without any harmful effects on health. It is made from corn, beet and chicory and is blessed with high fiber content. This is a zero-calorie sweetener which replaces sugar in the same quantity. Now you can add this sweet tasting natural sugar-free sweetener to your tea and coffee along with using it for your desserts and sweets. From health conscious people to diabetics, it is the most recommended sugar substitute for everyone.

These are the best sugar-free sweeteners in India which you can include in your diet and stay healthy without having to worry about diabetes and obesity. So enjoy sugar-like sweeteners without calories.